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Portland Bottom Reef Fishing Charters

Experience the excitement of bottom reef fishing charters in Portland, Victoria. Join us for an enjoyable fishing adventure targeting Snapper, Nanagui, Blue Morwong, Gummy Sharks, School Sharks, and other delicious fish.

How to Book?

Charter Pricing:

- Midweek: $200 pp

- Weekend: $220 pp


Please note: Prices are subject to change.


Please note that a minimum of 8 passengers is required to book the boat. All Reel Time vessels can carry a maximum of 10 passengers.

Can't Book the Whole Boat?

We also cater for individuals. For individual dates available, click here.

After making your booking, you will receive an email confirmation and SMS alert with all the details of your booking. This confirmation will be sent to you 48 hours prior to departure. In the email, you will also receive information on how to pay your balance online.

To book online simply click the link below or call Matt Cini on 0438 302 093

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Season and Catches

Portland Bottom Reef Fishing Charters are available from April to September. It's a very enjoyable experience with excellent catches daily, including Snapper, Nanagui, Blue Morwong, Gummy Sharks, School Sharks, and many other delicious fish.

It's an easy and fun activity for everyone, and the best fishing locations are usually very close to the Port, minimizing travel time to and from the fishing grounds. Take a break from your Tuna Fishing adventure here in Portland and enjoy a day of Bottom Fishing, where you can take home some delectable eating fish along with your Tuna.


1. Snapper


Snapper is a popular species targeted during bottom reef fishing charters in Portland. They offer excellent catches and are known for their delicious taste.

2. Nanagui


Nanagui is another species commonly caught during bottom reef fishing charters in Portland. They provide an enjoyable fishing experience and are known for their tasty flesh.

3. Blue Morwong


Blue Morwong is a species often encountered during bottom reef fishing trips in Portland. They offer good eating qualities and can contribute to a successful fishing adventure.

4. Gummy Sharks


Gummy Sharks are a sought-after species during bottom reef fishing charters in Portland. They provide excitement and are known for their mild flavor and firm flesh.

5. School Sharks


School Sharks are another species frequently targeted during bottom reef fishing trips in Portland. They offer a thrilling fishing experience and can provide a rewarding catch.

Booking Details

To book your Bottom Reef Fishing Charters, simply click on the links below:




A deposit of $400 (for booking the whole boat) or $100 per person (for an individual Bottom Reef Fishing Charter) is required to secure your booking. We accept Visa and MasterCard. The deposit will be refunded in the case of cancellation due to inclement weather.

Bottom Reef Fishing Charters depart daily from the Portland Boat Ramp at 8 AM. You can check available timeslots online.


To book online simply click the link below or call Matt Cini on 0438 302 093

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Departing from Portland


Our Portland Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters depart from the Portland Boat Ramp. Please find parking away from the Boat parking area to avoid paying for a ticket. Wait for us beside the boat ramp.


Portland Boat Ramp (Reel Time Fishing Charters)


What your Bottom Reef Fishing Charters include






What to bring along on your Bottom Reef Fishing Charters







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Fishing Licences


Before your fishing trip, make sure you have a valid Victorian Recreational Fishing Licence. You can obtain or renew your licence on the official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions about our fishing charters, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


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Disclaimer and Alcohol Restrictions


Reel Time Fishing Charters does not take any responsibility for any actions or harm caused as a result of not following instructions or guidelines provided during the fishing charter. Participants are expected to comply with safety regulations and instructions given by the crew at all times.


Alcohol consumption is permitted on our fishing charters; however, it is restricted to a responsible and moderate level. We ask all participants to drink responsibly and be mindful of their own safety and the safety of others on board. The consumption of alcohol is subject to a two-can limit per person.

Fishing Results and Expertise


At Reel Time Fishing Charters, while we strive to provide an exceptional fishing experience, we do not guarantee fish catches. Fishing is a dynamic activity influenced by various factors, including weather conditions and fish behaviour. However, rest assured that our skippers, who have been trained by Matt Cini and handpicked, possess the expertise to maximize your chances of success.


When conditions are challenging, our experienced crew may make informed decisions to target alternative species or employ different fishing techniques to ensure our customers achieve the best possible results. We encourage all participants to respect the nature of fishing, as fish do not always bite. Nonetheless, the Reel Time crew has the knowledge and skill to enhance the likelihood of a successful catch. We want you to enjoy your day on the water and look forward to having you on board!


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