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Well hello all, its been a long winter with plenty of wind around and some cold days, with our Portland Tuna Charters coming to end early, the Mulloway Fishing being fantastic in the Glenelg River Nelson, we have settled for some excellent Squid Fishing in Port Phillip Bay to see the Winter through.

Squid Fishing in Melbourne

While we wait patiently for October to arrive there has been some very exciting signs of Port Phillip Bay Snapper Being caught by the very keen Anglers doing the hard yards, with solid fish to 6 kgs, this means that things are shaping up to be a cracking season!

We would like to thank everyone that took part in purchasing the Fathers Day deal and we look forward to seeing you in between the months of October 2018 to April 2019 to enjoy what we love nothing more doing than Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing Charters, screaming reels and buckled rods.


What's Biting in Port Phillip Bay Septemeber  2018

Currently, we will see the Squid become more aggressive and start turning into larger models as we approach October, we are already seeing an increase in the size of the Calamari and location such as Flinders and Queenscliff, Sorrento down to Blairgowrie will be likely locations for those interested in catching large Calamari, for the fisherman who likes to think outside the square, use these locations and think about  the Habitat within them and use your fishing skills to venture around and when you see something that ticks the boxes give it a try and start opening up some new areas and generally these areas will produce far better than something that's common, I hope that makes sense!

Fishing Charters

Snapper are most definitely showing up in areas such as Southern Port Phillip Bay in small patches, we are also seeing the Snapper being caught land-based and in the northern parts of Port Phillip Bay and Westernport is providing its normal run of early season fish in the very northern parts of the Port along with a fairly great bite of the Corals, with that said its going to take some serious patience and experience to be there when they feed, with this I mean using past experience, calculating the very most peak bite times and being there on the fish by using your sounder and backing your self, with these days technology, we have available on the web Apps or Websites that will give us the exact times for things such as Moon Set, Moon Rise, Sun Set, Sun Rise, Tide Changes and Peak Fishing Times.  

To give you a very brief idea of this I would suggest planning your fishing adventure around either a Moon Set, Moon Rise, Sun Set, Sun Rise than combine that with a tide change ensuring you have done your groundwork.

Baits for early season Snapper can be as simple as the humble Pilchard, Squid Caught fresh or frozen and soft fresh fish fillets of either Salmon, Yakka, Slimy Mackeral or Couta to name a few.

Snapper Fishing Charters Melbourne

Our next report will have the very first pics of the Snapper bite for 2018 keep a close on our Posts bother here and Face Book.

Booking your Snapper Fishing Charter for 2018 in Port Phillip Bay

Reel Time Fishing Charters has a very good online booking system which will provide Individual Customers or Share Charters with the flexibility and simplicity to join us in fishing for snapper during the peak snapper season here in Melbourne.

When booking a Snapper Fishing Charter in this situation it is simply a matter of jumping onto our website and selecting the icon Book Online -  (Individual Charter) Simply find a date with the seats available and Book it in, you will receive everything you need in your email.

Booking a Snapper Fishing Trip

Share Fishing Charters Available

Booking the Boat is just as easy, we have 2 Boats available and can cater for up to 20 passengers during the months of October to December, we also can call in other Vessels if we have larger groups to cater for Corporate events and Work Functions.

Booking a Day Fishing for Snapper in Melbourne

Snapper season would have to be the busiest time for Reel Time Fishing, with already our Individual charters filling extremely fast!

We also advise all bookings for X-Mas Break Ups to get in early as its always a crazy rush leading up to X-Mas this will avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you this Snapper season in Port Phillip Bay departing Carrum Boat Ramp Launching way for yet another amazing Snapper Fishing Season in Melbourne joining Matt Cini and his team doing what they do best!

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Tuition Charters with Matt Cini



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Photo Gallery Portland - Port Phillip Bay - Westernport

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