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Fishing Charters Portland what a month Tuna Fishing Why Wait!

Hi there Reel Time Customers and friends, well what a month Tuna Fishing in Portland has been with such exciting fishing in Portland, most if not all Fishing Charters Bagging Out! on Bluefin Tuna, Weather was Kind and we got most of our Fishing Charters done, Matt Cini has enjoyed every minute of May Tuna Fishing for 2017 i cant wait to see what June and July have to bring with the hope of the big ones turning up in numbers as they have done the last few years.

We will be here in Portland working until July 31 st, we will stay if the Barrels Turn up! Please take advantage of our Specials details below in our Specials Section!

Portland Tuna Fishing Charters 2017

We are seeing some great Fishing Reports of Big Tuna showing up in Melbourne of Barwon Heads already and Reel Time has there finger on the pulse just in case it starts to go crazy we will be operating a Vessel from our local waters as well as Portland so this means we can be available when and where we need to.

Fishing Charters Portland Victoria with Matt Cini

For know don't panic there are plenty of school fish here in Portland and it still proves to be the most reliable place to keep the Consistent results coming in day in day out!

Displaying 3 Bluefin Tuna Caught at Portland Victoria

So if you're looking to Book your Tuna Fishing Charters look no further than Reel Time Fishing Charters.

Bluefin Tuna Caught on Zacatak Lure with Matt Cini

For all information on our Portland, Tuna Fishing Charters Check out our Portland Tuna Page Here!

Photo Gallery Portland - Port Phillip Bay - Westernport

There are too many Portland Tuna Pictures to Post here so if you joined us for May go to our Gallery to see all the fun moments Tuna Fishing for 2017 so far.

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What's biting now in Portland -Port Phillip Bay - Westernport Bay

Well here is a quick rundown of fishing in Portland and Tuna Fishing in General in Victoria, with May producing Bluefin Tuna almost every day to around 15kgs and in such close range, hot spots would have been from 50 to 100 MTRS of water of the lighthouse in Cape Nelson, with the fish taking most lures thrown at them!

It was safe to say that Portland had a great splattering of Larger Tuna between 80 and 130 KGS AKA Barrels, with at least 1 caught daily and a couple hooked however in the last week or more this has become few and far between with just 1 or 2 hooked or caught a week.

At this stage, the school size tuna remain strong and its anyone's guesses where the Big Bluefin Tuna will show up next??

Barwon Heads is showing signs of Barrels being Captured and Hooked in the last few weeks, Apollo Bay also has some good signs but nothing yet is set in concrete and we await the arrival of the Big Barrels or Giant Tuna to show their faces somewhere along the coast of Victoria in Massive numbers it's so exciting to know that they will show up somewhere soon!

We have set up a mixture of Portland Tuna Fishing Charters Individual dates so that you can easily select to target tuna midweek and weekends, check out our available Individual spots online.

Portland Tuna Fishing Charters 2017

for those of you that just want to Book the Boat, this is very easy, as long as you have a minimum of 6 passengers you can take the whole boat to yourself so you can enjoy the day out with your group of friends check below for any Specials before you book!

Upcoming Portland Tuna Fishing Charter Deals

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This upcoming month we have our Portland Tuna Fishing Charters departing Portland boat ramp daily 8 AM to 4 PM Simply on top of our already discounted pricing for Midweek Charters we have taken a further $300 of both Midweek and Weekend Book the Boat Fishing Charters here in Portland until the end of July.

Simply select the Specials Available tab and when you go to checkout type the word TUNA as your code and this will automatically reduce the price by $300 so this means that yu and 6 your mates can enjoy a days Tuna Fishing in Portland for $1200 midweek and $1500 weekends extra persons up to 10 per boat are at the normal rate unless pre-arranged.

For more information on the SUPER SPECIAL CLICK HERE!

Catch of the Month on Reel Time Fishing Charters.

Would have to go to this lucky Angler who has never fished in his life and to see the look on his face when the reel took off and then the expression on his face when we boated this lovely little Tuna sometimes it's not the size of the fish but the reaction of the customer and this young chap made my day with his excitement he even wanted to kiss me LOL!

 His First Fish a Portland Bluefin Tuna May 2017

Portland Tuna Fishing Charter Videos from May 2017

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Vouchers can be purchased for ANY amount as they are treated as a credit and can be used as payment towards ANY charter. They choose the date and what fish they want to target and all you do is decide how much to spend! There is NO expiry date and the voucher is emailed to you immediately.

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