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Hi there Reel Time Customers and friends, Well another month has gone off just fishing that has been nothing short of amazing for Melbourne's standards with the  Mighty Yellow Tail King Fish and  Snapper

We have worked extremely hard to keep our customers on to Melbourne's best fishing scene and with such a great team and with endless knowledge of southern Port Phillip Bay we keep getting excellent results making these last few months some of the best fishing we have seen in a long time, King Fish, Snapper and Squid are all in excellent numbers and the Whiting is still worth fishing for but without huge bags at the end of the day but still some lovely large fish and plenty for a feed.

February saw some excellent results on all our charters but the high lights have been without a doubt Reel Time beating its PB King Fish of 14.5 KGS to than just over a week later getting an absolute cracker of 17 KGS this is just 2 giants amongst hundreds of already better than average kingfish for Feb 2018, Matt Cini was stoked to see these fish and was almost ready to hang up his boots LOL but know wants the GENIUN 20KG MODEL!

Yellow Tail King Fish Charters

14.5 KG Model

Melbourne King Fish Charters

17 KG Model

Well with all that crazy King Fish action its set to be a ripper March so keep an eye on our Facebook Page for daily updates and see if Matt Cini can crack the 20 KG Mark to close off 2018 Kingy season.

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here are just some of the HIgh Lights from FEB below Enjoy!


King Fish Fishing Charters

Big King Fish in Melbourne

Fishing Charters Melbourne

Kings Melbourne

Fishing for King Fish

giant king fish in melbourne

King Fish Fishing Charters

Matt Cini King Fish Melbourne


For all, our King Fish Captures for February Check out our Photo Gallery Click Here


Well the Snapper fishing for Reel Time Fishing has been very very good with almost every charter catching plenty of fish, with the boys doing an amazing job catching endless amounts of great size fish and just perfect table fish witch, to be honest, it is exactly what we prefer for the table, sweet tasty and soft, never the less some cracking fish thrown in the mix at times to 6 kgs making these charters just about to hard to go past ATM, nice easy enjoyable day out with an almost garentee of Snapper and an excellent feed, it's only going to get better from now on, as we come into March and the water temp slowly starts to fall making it just perfect conditions for the snapper and the larger fish to come in and do their thing once again, im looking forward to seeing the results and what March will bring.

Here are some Pics from our Snapper Fishing Charters this month.

Snapper Fishing in Melbourne

Snapper Fishing Melbourne

Port Phillip Bay Snapper

Fishing for Snapper

Gummy Shark Fishing Charters in Port Phillip Bay

Well, we have only done a few and for some reason, I have no idea why! there is an abundance of Big Gummies in Port Phillip ATM so grab 6 mates and get on it! here are some pics of some of the Gummy Sharks Caught this month.

Shark Charters in Melbourne

Gummy Shark Fishing Charters

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Fishing Charter Deals

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Portland Tuna Fishing starting May 1st, 2018 don't miss out book online now to avoid disappointment!

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Portland Tuna Fishing Charters

Tuna Charters Portland

Portland Fishing Charters

fishing for tuna in Portland

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What's biting now in Port Phillip Bay 

King George Whiting in Port Phillip Bay

Here is my fishing report from Matt Cini with what happening in Southern Port Phillip Bay ATM in 2018, Well starting with the humble bread and butterfish the King George Whiting, it seems that the whiting season is getting looked over as we only have a certain amount of hands, with the King Fish, Squid and Snapper biting so well that we are not getting a chance to focus and put in what it takes to zone in and deliver on these little tasty fish.

With that said most of the areas that hold whiting are, and with good tides and fishing the correct times there are good fish to be caught, we usaully hear or see reports and people getting good results witch gives us an indication that its time to start focusing, but we are hearing that 2018 is not the booming year for whiting that we have experieced over the last 5 years or so, with that said I think its far better to target what is there in good numbers doing the ocasional trip for whiting as they could suprise us all and turn up with evengence as the water cools and we lead into March and April.

King Fish in Port Phillip Bay

On the King Fish front, it seems that there not letting up! one of the biggest factors with yellow tail king fish is to be in the right place at the right time, meanng Melbourne has a pocket of blue water and its critical to find it or stay with it, this is easier when your fishing day in day out and hard to acvheive as a weekend fisherman, tuning your eyes in to the water clarity will get you results in time and time again, where you find that blue water or clean water is where they will be, then only doing what will work in that area weather that be deep shallow or in the RIP, making sure you have everything ready to fish in the style that is required to suit that days fishing and the location that is correct.

The King Fish are always feeding and if you're not catching them they are somewhere else where the water is better and they seem to know how to stay in it.

Best methods for catching King Fish in Melbourne is LIve Baits Squid, Slimeys and Yakkas both drifting and slow trolling, with jigging being a very successful taker in the Rip and on the offshore reefs in Bass Straight, Squid Strips another deadly option, using the correct Rod and reel will help with the correct braid don't be fooled there is no such thing as line class for a Vic KIng 80 Pound Braid and 100 Poiund Leader is required and they dont care about leader size fish them hard or dont fish them at all!

Snapper in Port Phillip Bay

The snapper are most definitely making a great come back with plenty of table fish along the onshore edges and some cracker fish starting to show up in 18 to 22 meters of water and not just south basically with these nice blows we have been having stirring the water up its getting the fish to show up from Carrum to Mt Martha when the water is dirty or discoloured its the inshore reef edges that are producing the good results time and time again with the larger fish feeding on dusk and dawn slighly deeper with Squid and Pilchards being the top baits, you will find now that you will start seeing great snapper turn up in areas that you would fish in so called Snapper season October to Decemeber, with the run being just as good so if your a snapper head go give it a go you might be suprised.

Upcoming Fishing Charters in 2018

Yellow Tail King Fish Jan to April - Martha Cove

King Fish Fishing Charters

Snapper Jan to April - Martha Cove

Snapper fishing in Melbourne

Gummy Sharks Jan to April - Martha Cove

Gummy Sharks

Whiting / Squid / Flathead Jan to April - Martha Cove

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Catch of the Month on Reel Time Fishing Charters.

Well catch of the month has to go to the lucky Angler Brian Taylor who did an amazing job on the rod and kept this fish on its toes with the correct Angling skills such a great achievement in your life buddy I'm so very proud!

With his King Fish caught in Melbourne on a Live Bait weighing 17 KGS such a large fish for Melbournes standards or anywhere i should say, was a great fight with a big powerful run and than just a serious amount od solid weight and strong but certain head shakes, making us all aware that this fish was going to be a trophy fish for Reel Time Fishing and every one on board played a big part in this fishes capture!


King Fish Charters Melbourne

Photo Gallery Portland - Port Phillip Bay - Westernport

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Melbourne Fishing Charters Pictures

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