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Fishing Report Reel Time Fishing July 2018 

Hi there customers and friends, how are you all.

These last several weeks has been a fantastic learning curve for Reel Time Fishing Charters, with Portland and the South West Coast of Victoria just giving us some really amazing fishing options, with Matt Cini and his crew always looking for that next adventure, we have been taking advantage of any spare time we have to try new things so that in 2019 we can not only target Tuna but also target the many bottom fish available, Mako Sharks and the very special Mulloway.

It's a very exciting time of the year with Tuna season here, Prime Mulloway Time and the Whiting & Squid Fishing Charters starting in Melbourne on the 1st of August 2018 so just some very good fishing to be had over in the immediate future.

Mako Shark Fishing Charters Victoria

School Sharks in Portland with Matt Cini

Portland Fishing Charters

Jew Fish in Melbourne

Well let's start off with the Portland Tuna run, since our last fishing report, the tuna fishing has been very good with school fish still being caught in great numbers, with the likely areas being along the continental shelf west of Portland and a fair way east of the horseshoe, with that, said there has been an abundance of red bait show up from Lowrance rocks to Cape Bridgewater, mixed in with that is any amounts of sea life including Whales, seals, Dolphins, Sharks, Gannets, Turns and Tuna, this usually indicates when this type of action occurs that the smaller fish are venturing out wide and the Larger models are generally just around the corner with previous years almost like clockwork has seen Reel Time takes its Vessels back to Melbourne on the 1st of August,  this very day we see good catches of Giant Bluefin Tuna AKA Barrels, so if your keen to target the larger models and want to upgrade your Tuna Catch!

From now until we leave in September is the time to do it.

We still have individual Portland Tuna Charters available if you have missed out or need to rebook your trip for 2018 or you can simply book in, or will see you 2019.


Bluefin Tuna FISHING Charters

Tuna Charters Potland

Crucis Rods for catching Tuna in Victoria

For all our Tuna Captures since our last report go to our Portland Tuna Photo Gallery or Simply Click Here

With the likely hood that the Giant Tuna AKA Barrels will be around very very soon, if and when this occurs Matt Cini will be staying in Portland ready and waiting, along with our New Mulloway Fishing Charters departing Nelson Victoria in the meantime Jeffrey our Main Vessel along with Don Mako Marco & Bruno will head back to Melbourne to commence Whiting and Squid Charters August 1 st departing Martha Cove, Safety Beach

Then followed on the first of October our Port Phillip Bay Snapper Charters departing Carrum from Launching Way, we advise for the larger groups wanting to book a weekend with multiple boats, to get in early to avoid disappointment as we are looking at another bumper Snapper season for the Months of October to December

Check Out the Sea Life that is accommodating Portland NOW!

Also the added bonus of these Whales migrating along the Coast!

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Take advantage of the Midweek specials from Tuesday to Thursday at only $250 pp also if you want to be part of the LAST MINUTE SPECIALS and also any out of ordinary trips that may come up, that could suit you for EG Vanuatu getaways and our new and exclusive Mulloway Fishing Charters,  you must subscribe to our Mailing List Click here to subscribe

Mulloway Fishing Charters with Matt Cini Victoria

New and Exclusive Fishing Charters for the very keen anglers that would like to try there luck at catching a victorian Mulloway with Matt Cini, we recommend a 2 day visit ensuring your experience is exactly what you came to do, with two full days and evenings into the night targeting Jewfish or Mulloway in Matt Cinis Vessel Undercover with all the comfort needed to cater for up to Max 5 Passengers for this very rewarding and relaxing style of fishing, be prepared to brave the cold with a return trip to the Nelson Pub for a good sleep, ready to get back to fishing the following day.


For all information on our all-new Mulloway Fishing Charters Click Here

Winter Whiting & Squid Fishing Charters Departing Martha Cove NOW!

From now until September 30th Reel Time Fishing will be doing Whiting & Squid Charters departing Martha Cove in Safety Beach, with most weekends offering individual spots available to book Online Here

Fishing Charters in Melbourne

Come to join Marco and Bruno for some Pre Snapper Season Fishing enjoying a day out catching Melbourne's famous Calamari, Squid and King George Whiting if you have a group you can also Book the Boat 7 days a week! 

Whiting Fishing Charters in Melbourne

The Squid Fishing on the Peninsula ATM is as good as it gets with excellent numbers available and as we lead into Septemeber the Larger models turning up, I can taste them know!

Squid Fishing Charters in Melbourne

Tuition Charters with Matt Cini Port Phillip Bay Snapper in Melbourne

Learn to Catch Melbourne Snapper with Matt Cini

Well, it's coming up to that time of the year again, When every Fisherman in Melbourne starts thinking about the Annual Port Phillip Bay Snapper Season in Melbourne, time to brush the cobwebs of your boat and tackle and start fine tuning for BIG RED.

Matt Cini will give up the whole of October to help you learn how to catch Snapper in Melbourne, with only a few selected dates and positions available it will fill fast, for only $200 you take away with you a very clear understanding and mindset of how you should apply yourself to guide you on your journey to catching Snapper in Melbourne.

With the information that could take you decades to learn, come with an open mind join another 7 keen anglers and compare theories and experience, than getting Matt Cini's version, with Snapper being such a big part of every fisherman's life, most boat owners and even land-based fisherman will benefit from a course like this.

We cover the very important piece to the puzzle that will get your mind ticking and start the process of getting you thinking like a fish.

Limited Seats available Click here to Book your Tuition Charter

For more information on Learning how to catch Snapper with Matt Cini goto out Tuition Charter Info Page Click here!

Guiding with Matt Cini October Only for Port Phillip Bay Snapper

Guiding with Matt Cini in your own Boat









To Book, your personal guide with Matt Cini simply Click here 


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A heads-up for the Yellow Tail King Fish Season for 2019, 2018 Booked OUT so fast, we have dates available to Book Online Now or Click Here for All your King Fish Information

King Fish Fishing Charters 2018

King Fish Fishing Charters 2018

King Fish Fishing Charters 2018

King Fish Fishing Charters 2018

King Fish Fishing Charters 2018

For all the King Fish Madness in 2018 check out our Photo Galleries to see some of the Amazing King Fish Caught in Melbourne.

Photo Gallery

Catch of the Month on board Reel Time Fishing Charters.

Mako shark Fishing Charters Victoria

Catch of the Month goes to the very Lucky Angler Grazio accompanied by his friends and a team effort with Skipper Don Mako Marco and Deck Hand Luke, here is a little story that the boys wrote to tell the tale of there to encounter with this 250 KG Beast, caught while fishing for Tuna on our Portland Tuna Fishing Charters.

Well, some things are just meant to be. Today on a Reel Time Tuna Charter we managed to land this 250kg Mako Shark for a lucky crew member Grazio.

Story by Don Mako Marco and Luke Smith

We were on our way into Port as one guy was sick but Luke spotted a group of birds off to the side that was worth a quick look, First pass and we had a 3 way on tuna, Whilst fighting them Marco spotted a mako on the bait ball, Another quick pass and quick hookup and we spotted a second mako, one larger and one smaller, We all got excited and they were shattered when Luke realised that he took his shark traces out of his bag yesterday and didn't put them back in.

The large angry Mako full of attitude followed the tuna to the boat, We thought we had zero chance of landing her when Don-Mako Marco thought outside the box and come up with a clever idea, We cut off a 10/0 jobu hook off a lure and clipped it straight onto the swivel coming off the windon, Marco had the side door open ready to sink the hook into the side of the angry mako by hand as it swum by,  but we then put a bomb sinker on the snap for some weight and control, the fish was angry and coming right up to the boat, it swum straight past us and Luke dropped the hook into the water and managed to jag the shark in its side and foul hook it.

An hour and 20 minutes later we witnessed some spectacular jumps and runs from this truly awesome shark, the angler Grazio was a natural and never in doubt. Luke managed to sink the flying gaff in and a short time later a tail rope was on. High fives all round as we came to terms with what had just happened. The fish went on to weigh 250kg. Massive shout out to the skipper Marco and well done to the crew.

Portland Mako Shark Fishing Charters

What a great story from Marco and Luke there's nothing better than when something unexpected happens and you manage to use all your skills to make it work, an outstanding team effort from all on board and a very special capture for Reel Time Skipper Marco as he is Don Mako Marco after all LOL Well done!

Photo Gallery Portland - Port Phillip Bay - Westernport

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Melbourne Fishing Charters Pictures

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