Reel Time Fishing Charters

Martha Cove Fishing Charters Ending, its Portland Tuna Time soon!

Hi there Reel Time Customers & Friends.

Here is a Fishing Charter Report Portland, Melbourne a Rundown of Reel Time Fishing Charters for March 2017

Let's start off with what's been biting; Well Snapper fishing charters have been nothing short of amazing for the month of March 2017 with nearly all our 6 AM Trips Bagging out on fish to 4kgs and plenty of 1 to 2 KG Snapper to keep everyone happy. However, the evenings have been harder but still productive.

Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters Snapper

Melbourne still seems to produce the goods making Port Phillip Bay one of the best Fishing Charters destinations in Victoria to Target so many species including the mighty Yellow Tail Kingfish, King George Whiting, Squid & Southern Bluefin Tuna as a Surprise.

We will be running Snapper Charters here in Port Phillip Bay until April 31st, 2017, so be quick if you wish to get your snapper fix before we head to Portland in search of the Southern Bluefin Tuna.

Here are a few Happy Snaps from March 2017.

Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters King Fish

King George Whiting/Squid front has been well as usual FUN FUN FUN! Whiting fishing charters departing Martha Cove are always fun, with this year the Whiting not in huge numbers like 2016 but Quality in size with most fish being around the 38 to 46cm size bracket, this provides some fantastic light tackle fun.

Joining the Whiting as a bycatch the Bluespot Flathead is always a surprise and with fish to over 60cm makes such an excellent table fish with fantastic eating qualities.

Squid have also been coming in the same way with a steady stream of Squid to 800 g and in high numbers at times, with Gold and Red foil Squid Jigs in size 2.5 and 3.0 in the Hayabusa Brand dominating the DoJo every time.

We will also be running King George Whiting and Squid Charters until Late April so take advantage of this last month's fishing in Melbourne once again before we move to the South West Coast of Victoria Portland Targeting the Mighty Southern Bluefin Tuna. 

Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters Whiting 

Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters Squid

 Well, it's coming up to that time of the year again, Portland Southern Bluefin Tuna, yes May 1st, 2017, we will be Launching both Vessels Undercover and Jeffrey 8 AM to 4 PM Daily Departing Portland boat ramp.

 Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters Bluefin Tuna

With Tuna on the brain, join us to see how our Portland Tuna Fishing Charters take place with the bag out days being very common and everyone generally either gets to take home their 2 Tuna for the day, or at least a Tuna.

This year we will be running our two Vessels both equipped perfectly for the job.

With top of the range fishing tackle including the very new Crucis Game rods coming to the Melbournes Market in September 2017, fitted with the very best Shimano Tiagra big and robust enough to take care of any Barrel or Giant Tuna that may surprise us in between the average size Tuna we catch daily. 

Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters Bluefin Tuna


We Provide only the very best in Lure selection using only the best, with no expense to big, if it's needed and it works RTFC will have it. With only the best Brands like Zakatak, Richter and Black Magic Lures.


Make sure to be quick if it's weekends you're after as RTFC books out very, very quick, groups of up to 10 passengers, we can take 18 using both vessels.

Take advantage of our midweek special $1500 to Book the Boat min 6 passengers, saving $300 for more information on our Portland Tuna Fishing Charters go to our Portland Tuna Info Page

If your looking for your Happy Snap or Pic from your fishing adventure with RTFC Click Here for all March 2017 Photo's


 Tuna Cooking Portland Fishing Charters

Sesame & Dill Tuna Sashimi Salad

 Recipe of the Month Thanks to James Maffescioni Click here for more RTFC Recipes


300 grams Bluefin tuna cut into 2-inch square lengths ( 5 inches long)
1 cup red cabbage finely shredded

2 TBSP quality vinegar of your choice

3 TBSP black sesame seeds

2 TBSP white sesame seeds

2 TBSP chopped dill finely

1 X-small Kipfler potato finely sliced ( skin on)

1/2 avocado put through a fine sieve to make a paste

1/2 teaspoon wasabi paste

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 X radish sliced very thin

1 tbsp lemon oil ( from a good deli / or supermarket )

2 tbsp olive oil


1). Roll tuna lengths in a mixture of sesame seeds.

2). Heat oil in a pan - medium to hot.

3). Sear tuna lengths on each of the four sides for 10 seconds a side. Keep pan heat medium to high!

4). Cool tuna then sprinkle with dill. Roll lengths in glad wrap & roll end tightly. Refrigerate for 1 hour so as to hold the shape

5). While tuna is in a fridge, mix vinegar with cabbage & toss. Set aside.

6).Finely slice the potato, pat dry with paper towel & then fry lightly until just crispy. Exactly how you make a crisp/chip!

7). Mix lemon juice with wasabi & then add to the avocado paste.

8). Remove tuna from the fridge, remove glad wrap & slice to your desired thickness or thin. Place tuna on a plate however you see fit or follow the photos supplied.

9). I like to drizzle lemon oil around the plate as it is sweet & blends well with the dish in flavor !!

* You can use a small squirt bottle to dot the avocado or smear with a spoon!

* In this recipe I have used nasturtium leaves as a garnish. Fresh dill sprigs or other herbs are great to embellish with as well!


* This recipe may well be substituted with Kingfish!! Buon Appetito!