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Melbourne & Portland Fishing Report! King Fish Jigging Madness!

The Whiting and Squid remain very high, BUT all the Attention is Focused on our Yellow Tail Kingfish Charters Reel Time Fishing Prides itself on being focused on New Beginnings and offering our Customers something different!

Two years ago I left Westernport to focus on fishing Port Phillip Bay as I love nothing more than living on the Mornington Peninsula! As a young kid, I fished Sorrento with my uncle Fred every chance we got once the Snapper Season was over in Jan! After listening to my uncle and hearing all the stories of all the BIG KINGFISH he has caught and LOST! I had to Discover this in my lifetime. So that is in fact what I'm going to do with or without you! LOL

King George Whiting and Squid are going Fab for those interested you can just book online to find a date that suits you cant go passed the old Bread and Butterfish! 

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Well, i just want to say that it has been a fantastic time of the year to say the very least!

With our King George Whiting and Squid Charters Just being so much fun!

Squid Fishing Charters Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Victoria


Port Phillip Bay King Fish Charters BIG KINGS!

Big Yellow Tail King Fish Melbourne with Reel Time Fsihing

Chris Cassar with a Big Vic King Fish caught on Reel Time Fishing

Matt Cini & Big Yellow Tail King Fish in Melbourne

 Jarrod Day with a Big Vic King Fish caught on Reel Time Fishing

Jarrod Day with a Victorian King Fish Caught in Melbourne

Matt Cini Displays a Pair of Big Rip King Fish in Melbourne

King Fish Fishing Charters Victoria Melbourne Matt Cini

King Fish Fishing Charters Victoria Melbourne Matt Cini

It has been such a fun month getting guys on board that just have that HUNGER to land a VIC KING!

We have all heard about the Portland BITE! BTW I'm going this Monday to do small groups of up to 4 Pax in Mini Jeffrey!

Click Here to book your seat for a Portland King Departing Portland as of Monday 15th Feb! BE QUICK


Way too many Pics to Put up Click the link Below to go to our Gallery to see all the Fantastic Shots of the Yellow Tail Kingfish Captures for the last few weeks or so!

Click here to got this Months Happy Snaps


Reel Time Fishing Charters Steps it up!

Reel Time Fishing has always provided the best tackle possible to our Customers!

BUT ! I have been blessed with the luxury to be the Victorian Charter Company to use some amazing products and put it to its test!

I have few words for all fisherman in the no! Quality equals Success!

Viva Fishing have taken the time to Release the hard work that myself and my crew put into converting time on the water into FISH!

Fishing for Victorian or should I say Melbourne Kingfish is no easy task, so the very best gear is needed!

I am so happy to have the support of Viva Fishing!

Here is a Glimp of the Exiting new Product you will see Matt Cini Putting the test or should I say the gear is putting Matt Cini to the test LOL!

Some Very High-end Brand Names Being introduced on our vessels to help in the Perfecting of not only the Kingfish but all Species!

Keep an eye on some of the new products I put up as I will filter through and hand select the products that I feel are perfect for the job from KINGFISHJIGS, SQUID JIGS, RODS, on!HOOKS, the list goes on!

Here is Sneak Peak of whatIhave played with so far!

Crucis Rods PE 3 to 5 King Fish Jigging Rods! 

King Fishing Charters Fishing Rods Matt Cini

Simply Amazing King Fish Jigging Rods!

King Fishing Charters Fishing Rods Matt Cini

Hayabusa Quality King Fish Jigs

King Fish Fishing Charter Hooks Hayabusa Matt Cini

Hyabusa Quality King Fish Hooks

Hayabusa Squid Jigs used on Reel Time Fishing Charters Melbourne

Hayabusa Quality Squid jigs 

Jigging Rods for Melbourne King Fish Fishing Charters

Murasame King Fish jigging Rods 

 King Fish Jigs used on Fishing Charter in Melbourne

Entice Jigs, Hayabusa Jigs King Fish Candy! 

 Keep a close eye on the Viva Fishing Facebook Page Viva Fishing Like there page to find some amazing giveaways and follow Matt Cini with his amazing journey Testing all the Products they have to offer! Hayabusa, Entice, Crucis Rods to name a few!


Only the Best Bait and gear used on our Yellow Tail Kingfish Charters