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Melbourne & Portland Fishing Report Port Phillip Bay Fishing well

G'day Reel Time friends & customers, It has been a while between reports, but there are only so many times that you can say "The Whiting, Squid & Yellow Tail King Fish season is fantastic!" We have also been busy making the odd trip away and getting geared up for our next season. Portland Southern Bluefin Tuna!

Although the boys have made the odd recreational trip to Portland in the last couple of weeks, our official season for chartering customers out of Portland begins Now!

May to July. You can either book the boat to yourself with up to 10 Pax or just book as an individual and pay per person. Click on these links for more information on Portland Tuna and Individual Charters or just call Matt on 0438 302 093.

It is set to be another excellent season with reports already flooding in of good fish 20-30kg and 80+kg 'barrels'!


Well, First things First Happy Birthday to My Boy Marlon Cini 15 Today!

 Look at this Sweet Angel just six years old Fishing with daddy!

Now you are the most amazing boy in the world! I'm so proud of you to love you so much, Marlon Cini!

Marlon Cini Matt Cini son with Cat Stevens for his Birthday

To now this Handsome Guitar playing machine That Dads so Proud of!

Marlon Cini with Ron Vincent enjoying a Gig That Ron was done as Cat Stevens!



Mid-April. Portland Tuna & Albacore

Well, Portland tuna season has come around yet again so quickly! We have already got 2 Boats running there, and the Southern Blue Fin Tuna are ON!

I have 2 Amazing Vessels running seven days a week with fully Qualified Skippers Matt Boulton & Mitch Bertachini until the 1ST of May When Jeffrey Reel Time 1 Makes its way there to join the boys in the Southern Blue Fin Tuna Run!

I am just finishing up on the last of the Yellow Tail King Fish Run along with the Snapper, Squid & King George Whiting!

For more info on our Portland, Tuna Charters Click this link to get a full description of our Vessels times Pricing ETC!

All Info on Portland Tuna!



Tuna Fishing Portland last Month to get the blood PUMPING!


Portland Tuna Fishing Charters for Bluefin

Big Tuna in Portland displaying a Fishing Charter Fish

Yellow Tail King Fish Port Phillip Bay!

January & March

From January to April, we mainly focus our attentions on Yellow Tail King Fish & King George whiting/Squid charters as it is always an action packed a day and enjoyed by the novice angler through to the most experienced angler! Reel Time do however venture out and Target Yellow Tail King Fish 

 Bag Out on Yellow Tail King Fish in Port Phillip Bay

Yellow Tail King Fishing in Melbourne with Reel Time

Fishing Charter Customers with some nice Yellow Tail King Fish

A typical size King Fish in Melbournes Port Phillip bay Rip

Looks like it was King Fish Fishing Charter Madness on Reel Time

Always Fun having Jarrod Day onboard taking some amazing Happy Snaps of the Guys!

Jarrod Day Photographer displays a Pair of King Fish

Thanks, Jarrod!

Too Many Pics Goto our Photo Gallery to see More Click Here!


March - Port Phillip Bay Snapper

Snapper season is officially October to January but around March they always make a comeback, and we are only too happy to pop back over to Port Phillip Bay for a snapper fish as this occurs. We are already taking bookings for 2016 snapper season inc. The very popular Tuition Charters. Click here for more info on Port Phillip Bay Snapper Charter


 Snapper Fishing Charters Carrum & Patterson Lakes

Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing

Furuno Sounders are a must for Fishing Charters in Melbourne

Furuno Sounders and Port Phillip Bay Snapper

Fresh Yellow Tail King Fish Sushimi after hard days work!

Tuna Sushimi & King Fish Sushimi frsh from Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay King George Whiting/Squid

January, February, March & April

Once again, it has been a fantastic KG whiting/Squid season in Port Phillip Bay this year and we are still offering these charters until the end of the April! 

Here are some pics of the last few weeks.

 Squid Fishing in Port Phillip Bay Melbourne

Matt Cini with a Large Squid in Port Phillip Bay

King George Whiting Fishing Charters

These 4 Jigs have been outstanding!

Squid Jigs for Port Phillip Bay Squid in Melbourne

Squid Fishing in Port Phillip Bay n Martha Cove

Red Foil Squid Jigs are the best for Port Phillip Bay

Hayabusa Size 3 & 2.5 Red Foils & Golds  

Hooked up to a Squid in Port Phillip Bay

Cuttle Fish in Port Phillip Bay with Matt Cini 

Crucis Egi Rods a peace of art making Squid Fishing so Comfortable!


A big Thank You to Long Time Customer & Friend Luke Gambling for Helping me out this week!

Luke with a fine Squid fishing with Reel Time Fishing

Thanks, Lukey!


Nautek Marine Furuno Electronics

Big Thank you to Nautek! for installing my new Furuno 588 more Pixels and Heaps Clearer!

Reel Time Fishing Charters likes to keep everything as up to date as possible when its comes to Furuno Products!

With Nautek one of the best Marine Electrical Techs around understanding everything Furuno!

Reel Time has always been looked after.

Having the correct Equipment onboard our vessels, Is the Vital Tool to Catching fish day in day out, especially when it comes to Melbourne Snapper, Yellow Tail King Fish & Portland Southern Blue Fin Tuna!

Buying your Furuno Products is one thing Getting installed correctly is a fine art Let the Experts take care of it to ensure you can benefit 100% from your Fish Finding Tools!


Fishing Charter Boats Dash Layout

Reel Time 1 AKA Jeffrey's Dash Board!

Furuno Sounders fishing for King Fish in Port Phillip Bay

Check out the Big King Fish Putting a nice flat edge on that Bait!

Port Phillip Bay Fish Finders Snapper

Ran over these bad boys Doing 22KNTS !

 Snapper Fishing in Port Phillip Bay Furuno

Typical Snapper Tree in PPB from March 2016 a bundle of nice 2 to 3 kg Snapper! 

Portland Fishing Charters Tuna on Sounder

Fishing in the Rip Melbourne a sure sign with that flat edge that this bait is being bailed up!

Rip Kings in Port Phillip Bay with Matt Cini 

Some of the structure found in Port Phillip Bay When fishing for Yellow Tail King Fish!


The Importance of Your eyes under water your gear needs to Picture Perfect if not your flying BLIND!


Go to our Recent Photo Gallery to see all pics for this Report!


I look forward to the next Fishing Report with plenty of beaming faces and massive TUNA!!! lol
Cheers, Matt Cini