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Melbourne Fishing Charter Report Southern Port Phillip Bay Victoria

Well hi there, Reel Time friends and customers, I hope you have all had a lovely summer break and enjoyed your family and friends both on the water and off.

Matt and the team have been very busy, with both charter boats working 7 days a week and providing Melbourne's fisherman with some very exciting fishing, at present the high light is most definitely the Whiting and Flathead and when I say Whiting and Flathead I don't mean your average just size Flathead I'm talking CRACKING FISH to say the very least.

Flathead fishing in Melbourne

Flathead & Whiting Fishing in Melbourne

Good Bye 2018 and Hello 2019 Fishing in Melbourne

As we packed up from Patterson Lakes, Carrum after a cracking Snapper Season right here on Melbournes Port Phillip Bay to say goodbye to 2018, what a year it was with so many cracking trophy fish landed, with the many high lights and many milestones achieved through this very special year.

With the beginning of 2018 starting off with just what was set to be one of the best Yellow Tail King Fish seasons ever to be witnessed by Matt Cini and his valued customers, it started with an absolute BANG and just kept on coming till the very end , with our biggest King Fish weighing a massive 17 KGS with hundreds over the magical 1 Meter Mark, Matt had the whole of Melbournes Fisherman on edge just bursting to get out to where he was fishing and be part of the fishing he was enjoying.

King Fish in Melbourne with Matt Cini

Fishing for King Fish in Melbourne

Big King Fish with Matt Cini Melbourne

Kingys in Melbourne Fishing

When we packed up and headed to Portland on the Southwest coast of Victoria to target the mighty Southern Blue Fin Tuna, with that very first week Reel Time Fishing Landing 3 Barrels to 146 KGS WOW than a huge Mako Shark of 250 KGS these are just some of the Milestones its great to take a walk down memory lane and realize the fishery and effort that goes in to making all this happen year after year, we love nothing more than bringing this to you all and providing a platform to make it possible.

Portland Tuna Fishing Charters

Portland Tuna Charters

Tuna Fishing Charters Portland

Mako Shark Fishing Portland

Baby Catches huge Bluefin Tuna

Tuna Fishing Melbourne

Portland Fishing Charters

Fishing in Portland

The Reel Time TEAM are a very special network of people and I myself Matt Cini have worked extremely hard for many years and now I can safely say that my workers / Friends are such a huge part of my life and the way they have taken on my fishing technics and then added in their own flavors is just probably one of the most very special things iv been able to witness in my time fishing and working on the water its not an easy task to be thrown in the deep end and then have to perform, these boys are now all at a level of where I expect them and its great to see them bring home the results day in day out!

giant tuna in portland victoria

Don Mako Marco AKA MAKO

Fishing with your dog in Melbourne

Bruno Colisimo AKA BC

Squid Fishing Melbourne

Luke Goldstein AKA MAGGOT

King Fish Charters Melbourne

AKA Damian Perri AKA Perri Perri fish killer

I have to add that slowly the Maltese Falcon Matt Cini is slowly being surrounded by Italians The Big Bruno, Don Mako and Damian Perry I'm seeing such a lovely very special ambience in the Reel Time Fleet growing and its great to see how these guys are extremely polite, hardworking and have great family values, the team is growing and I look forward to many years more of the fun we have on the water with you all, goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019 what will this year bring?

What's Biting Now in Port Phillip Bay Martha Cove

Whiting Squid and Flathead in Port Phillip Bay

Well, guys here is our Fishing Charter report for those of you wanting to join us in the next few months as we approach April and finish up here in Melbourne and head to Portland May 1st 2019.

With that January and February saw some of the best King George Whiting and Flathead Fishing for a start of Martha Cove Fishing Charters on the Mornington Peninsula, with most of the charters getting hefty bags of Whiting, Squid and huge Bluespot Flathead there was really outstanding fishing on these species with Marco,  Bruno and Luke making the effort to get such amazing catches of fish day in day out, with the fishing from Rosebud to Tootgarook producing endless amounts of Squid and some very cracking Whiting sessions with fish up and over 40 cm in huge numbers when conditions are suitable, with all the whiting baits working best Squid, Pippi, Mussel and Cuttlefish.

The summer run of Whiting has most definitely been very similar to not last year the year before with very good results and making it well worth the effort, my answer to this is that we have a very nice green cloud of the perfect colour water pooling in the lower reaches of Port Phillip Bay making it almost to perfect for Snapper, Whiting and Flathead Fishing with the right times when the water shows signs of being crystal clear this is your chance to target Squid with excellent results.

The areas that hold whiting are very similar to where you would fish every other year but time on the water will credit you as these sand holes and weed beds do disappear and pop up in new location so don't be disheartened when you go to a mark that may have been good last year, it may only be just a change in location a few hundred meters and you will find the same fishing again :)

All the main arms are fishing excellent the Pinnace, Symonds, Mud Island, Rosebud to Sorento for Whiting, Flathead and Squid remember tide is your friend and slightly dirty water, for those joining us on charter sit back let the boys do all the thinking and just reap the rewards as we take you to where the fish are day in day out, we are looking forward to the next 2 months before we head to Portland to chase Tuna and Mulloway see you soon guys.

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Snapper Fishing in Port Phillip Bay 2019

Well, it has been really hard to decide as a skipper every single day to either target Whiting or Snapper? When it really has just been so good for both of late, Melbourne Snapper Fishing is really impressive, to say the least, I'm sure all on board can basically say that we are blessed to have such a great fishery here in Melbourne with Most if not all of the Snapper Fishing Charters getting plenty of fish each day and most of the fish are just perfect eating size between 1 to 4 kgs and the odd cracker fish to 8 kgs.

Marco has really stepped it up and has mastered the movements of these fish both after big blows when they feed in as shallow as 8 m and when the wind backs off following the back out to 15 m 18 m than finally back out to the shipping channel edge and up and down as they feed, this can only be achieved by being on the water every day, I know this better than anyone and time on the water is the key, heading out with us to get your bag of good reds far out ways taking your own boat as you would be very lucky to stay with the fish, we offer this service and the regular customers taking advantage of this service midweek are really reaping some serious rewards atm. 

If your wanting to book a charter for Snapper in Port Phillip Bay with Reel Time done waste any time do it know, you won't be disappointed.

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Yellow Tail King Fish Fishing Charters in Melbourne

Well, guys, this Yellow Tail King Fish season has been very very hard or should I say normal in comparison to last year, last year being such an outstanding season with record-breaking fishing in Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay in 2018.

2019 has been more interesting with every trick in the book being needed to get onto these big brutes daily, the YTKF this season starting from Jan where there to play not in big numbers but the size of the fish were very very good with cracking fish landed up to 14 kgs and most 12 kgs this was all in the Rip, with some excellent sessions offshore slightly smaller fish to just under a meter and just over slow trolling live squid, most of the fish being taken in the Rip where or have been on Jigs so hard work is most definitely needed on these days.

The reason for the much harder fishing this season so far and it can change any day and almost seems like it is happening with some great fishing these last few days with good catches included in that some surprises with some Southern Blue Fin Tuna to 15 kgs popping up and taking skirts in the Rip making it a nice bonus when the kings are quiet, huge patches of green cloudy water is present hence why our whiting and snapper charters are extremely on fore ATM, on the day when the clear Cobalt blue water enters the Rip the kings are just there in abundance and taking most things thrown at them 

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Mulloway Fishing Charters Nelson with Matt Cini 2019


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Catch of the Month on Reel Time Fishing Charters.

Snapper Fishing in Port Phillip Bay

Well this Catch of the Month has to go to an unnamed angler LOL who didn't want to be seen, so holding this 9.4 KG Snapper is Don Mako Marco, RTFC Skipper this fish was caught in 17 M of water out from Mornington in the afternoon using fresh Squid for bait what a surprise amongst much smaller fish, generally the way with these 20 pounders in PPB they mix in with much smaller fish and surprise you.

Photo Gallery Portland - Port Phillip Bay - Westernport

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