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Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters Strong Whiting, Squid, Snapper!

Well Hello there Reel Time Fishing Charter Friends & Customers, what a winter it has been, to say the least. This month has been nothing short of amazing with a chilly 10 degrees water temp in Port Phillip Bay. There were still plenty of fish around to keep the local crew happy, King George Whiting a little up and down but the Squid or Calamari just fantastic to say the least.

Westernport Winter Snapper have arrived a little late and there has been some good fish caught this week. So if you are after a small group charter in our little 6.7m Noble Super Vee and get some early season buckles in, go to our Booking Calander and book your trip!


Spring is in the Air & Snapper is on the brain! Bookings are filling very fast and with Matt Cini as hungry as ever, who better to go out with to ensure you get your prized catch. Skipper Matt has been fishing for Snapper in Port Phillip Bay for 27 years and prides himself on getting results day in day out. Reel Time 1 Jeffrey is going to be run by Matt himself with our second vessel run by the one and only Don Malo Marco. Reel Time Fishing Charters will make sure you are in good hands. With 2 amazing vessels perfectly fitted out and maintained for targeting Port Phillip Bay Snapper here in Melbourne.

With bookings filling very fast for Reel Time 1 Click here to Book Online and secure your spot on our Snapper Charters! 

For now, Martha Cove King George Whiting and Squid Charters are the flavor of the month, with Reel Time Fishing Charters main Vessel (Jeffrey) finally back on the water after a full makeover were back in business with the best fishing charter boat in the business revamped and ready for the journeys ahead of him!

Here are some happy snaps of the month gone from our Port Phillip bay Fishing Charters in Melbourne Victoria here on the Mornington Peninsula!

Port Phillip Bay King George Whiting provided an excellent Day for these boys

Left to Right Mario, John, Ronnie, Suraj these four guys are a part of Reel Time Fishing Charters Team Long Life Friends with Hearts as big as Oxes its always nice to put smiles on their faces providing them with all the seafood they need and many friendships made along the way!

Port Phillip Bay Provides the freshest seafood day in day out!

Alvin and Son enjoying a spot on Reel Time Fishing Charters getting there Bag limit of Calamari to cook for the Family!


For more Happy Snaps from August Fishing Charters, Martha Cove on the Mornington Peninsula Click Here

Matt Cini's quick Fishing Report - This month has been very different from most with the Victorian King George Whiting being hit and miss. Extra care needs to be taken in anchoring and bait selection. Fine tuning with your anchoring will make all the difference when targeting king George Whiting. One of the key factors is your bait selection. Squid is a very good bait, the way you choose to use it makes all the difference. I have found this month in Port Phillip Bay that Squid especially fresh with the time taken to tenderize until its soft and mushy. With the fresh smell of tasty calamari being sent out down current, it will be sure to get you a bite and a bag of good whiting in Port Phillip Bay in Winter!

Squid Fishing for the Fisho's Hot Tip Red Foils proving to be Outstanding on the Port Phillip Bay Squid this month and on darker or overcast days Black with a red foil under just dominating the DoJo!

Hayabusa Squid Jigs have been the Brand of choice out doing everything in their wake size is very important as they say LOL! size 3.0 with a tiny sinker set up as a paternoster will do the trick every time.

Anyone in search of BIG SQUID will have to act fast as they are coming on the bite now. These Squids are very different and will turn up any day and provide a lot of fun, both with baited jigs and size 4 to 4.5 Hayabusa jigs fished and worked very different to the standard way we fish for our local Port Phillip Bay Squid generally! We will fill you in with the results in the next report!

Another tip is to make sure you have the tools to suit the job. Crucis Egi Rod can be purchased from your local Tackle World Store, they will provide the action required to Entice the Squid to eat your Jig better yourself by using the correct tools for the job!



Crucis Egi Rod Squid Killer!

Recipe of the Month!

Well, the Recipe of the month is Anna Cini's Squid Stuffed with King George Whiting Fresh from Port Phillip Bay here on the Mornington Peninsula!

As seen on our Facebook Page, it a BIG hit this is one of the most mouth-watering dishes I have tasted yet! To take Melbourne’s finest fresh seafood and turn it into a bundle of joy with flavors bursting at the seams, look no further than this to cook this amazing dish yourself. Visit our Recipe's Page Click Here to Learn how to make it yourself. Matt Cini loves nothing more than eating his catch feel free to share your Pics and recipes by sending them to if there tasty ill share them on my website!

Well, why not get the blood boiling with last years 2016 2nd charter getting a genuine 20Pound Snapper with matt Cini & the one and only Don Mako Marco which will be running Reel Time Fishing Charters Brand New Vessel details coming soon WATCH THIS SPACE................................................


Want to learn how to catch Snapper in Port Phillip Bay then look no further than Matt Cini. He will guide you through the simple things fine tuning you to a place where it would take many years to get to! Matt would have loved to have his own advice many years ago so for all you guys out there that want to save money and time book in now as matt will only share his wealth and knowledge for October only as he gets ready himself to tackle Port Phillip Bay Snapper right here in Victoria in mid-October, November and December when he slides away into a world only very few understand Snapper season in Melbourne.

Matt will be spending a whole week this September re-writing his Tuition Charters to bring you a New and Improved System that you will keep with you forever! Matt is extremely fussy and when he says he does something like this then you must know there is a reason he may not say it but the proof is in the pudding!

Whether you have just bought yourself a boat or you want to brush up your skills what you will learn in 5 hrs with Matt Cini will help you forever!

For information on our Port Phillip Bay, Snapper Tuition Charters right here in Victoria's own or  Melbourne's Snapper Fishery look no further Click here for more Information go to our Tuition Charter Page!

Take care until our next report goodbye!