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Portland Fishing Report! windy few weeks the Tuna come good!

With the weather playing hardball for the most of May, we played it safe and kept charters to a minimum. But whenever we hit the water, we were bagged out with the Bluefin Tuna for everyone on board.

The weather seems to be clearing & Tuna Fishing in Portland is only going to get better. The Bluefin Tuna is heading close to the shore which makes it a very easy drive for us to go get them.  

This week has seen a lot of Large Tuna from 80 to 130 kgs show up at Port Mc Donald with over 10 Barrels caught there last Friday. There was also 6 hooked but only 1 landed in Portland on Saturday.

This is a great sign for Portland in the next coming month as the conditions are perfect and large amount of bait is available. It’s only a matter of time before those Giant Tuna start turning up here in large numbers.

Check out the following pictures of our happy customers from our Portland Tuna Charters in May 2016.



View more pictures in our photo gallery – CLICK HERE

Reel Time Fishing Charters has had the luxury to get hold of some amazing Lures from Zacatak Lures. Specific colored bait has been doing the damage. 

This week, the Luminescent & Blue Silver with Pink Under were hard to beat.

Reel Time Fishing Charters is in Portland Chasing Blue Fin Tuna until the end of July. Weekends are getting booked out fast. To BOOK ONLINE - CLICK HERE 

Remember, Book the Boat is for a full boat and Individual is if you are less than 6 Pax. Please call if you cannot find the date you are after. Also, if you only have a few guys, do let us know. We can either arrange more people to join or we can work out a special deal since I will be heading out most days. If you're keen to get up here and chase barrels and have only a few blokes, give me call I can arrange something midweek at the right price. We are always keen to get out and catch those barrels.

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See you on the water soon!

Matt Cini & Chris Cassar