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Hi there Reel Time Customers and friends, how are you all, Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing is set to go with a slow but sure start for October 2018 it's shaping up to be exactly like the last 2 years, with water temperature & timing being very similar, it's very much in the hands of Mother Nature, when we are waiting for the water temp to meet that of the ocean, magical 15 degrees which basically opens the floodgates, and tells the snappers instincts to head into Port Phillip Bay and start the process of reproducing in our most amazing Port Phillip Bay.

We are only a few days away from being 15 degrees and this is prime time for the snapper to filter into Port Phillip Bay and start showing up in the northern parts of Port Phillip and then filtering down to the SOuthern end of the bay as the Temperature increases.


With that said we have had some great Snapper catches during October but allot of effort has been put in by the Reel Time Team, the bonus of this seasons start is we have had some of the best sunrises with light North East Winds being the flavour of this months winds so far.

Here are some of the highlights of October 2017 Snapper Fishing Charters in Port Phillip Bay.


Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Fishing Trips in Port Phillip Bay

Fishing Trips in Port Phillip Bay

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New Guiding with Master Matt Cini in your own Boat

Snapper Fishing Charters Furuno

This year Guiding is well and truly underway, Matt Cini has already helped a few fellow fishermen to be on their way  with upgrading their fishing skills, there Vessel and Fishing & Electronic Gear setup, Spend the day with Matt Cini or even a 5 hr Trip Ensuring you have both the Simple things you need for your vessels setup and to sharpen your fishing skills, to help you along your way with all of the below information or simply what you request in your email upon booking with Matt.  

Guiding with Matt Cini

Fishing with Cini

More Information on our Guiding with Matt Cini Page Click here

Safety Tips for the Boat Owners for Snapper Season 2018

With Melbourne, Snapper season becoming more and more popular and the people of Melbourne buying more boats and the government trying reach 1 million anglers, it's very important to take safety precautions when boating in Port Phillip Bay in Snapper season here in Melbourne.

More boats on the water means there is a higher risk of having inexperienced people out there and when some of us have fish on the brain we can sometimes neglect pre-departure checks and the correct lighting while either anchored or underway, in peak snapper season on calm mornings it would be rare to see over 10000 boats on the water so it is extremely important to make sure you keep a clear lookout in low visibility situation and have the correct lighting amongst many other things that can assist you to avoid collisions and perhaps fatal injuries.

So with that said for today advise from Matt Cini for being on the water and increasing your safety out at sea here a few of the following important checks you can do to ensure your safety for this season and the rest of your fishing life.









We will continue to add more safety tips each month for know I feel this will help many and if I can help just a few to avoid any form of injury it makes me happy, from the whole team at RTFC we hope this helps you along your fishing journey for Melbourne snapper season 2018

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Snapper Fishing Charter Deals

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Catch of the Month on Reel Time Fishing Charters.

Catch of the Month Snapper

Catch of the month would have to go to this lucky customer Don Ung with his 7.8 KG Snapper caught on a Snapper snatcher early hours of the morning with skipper Don Mako Marco, on Pilchard in 15 m of water straight out from Patterson Lakes / Carrum, Launching way.

Well done Don.

Photo Gallery Portland - Port Phillip Bay - Westernport

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