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Snapper season 2018 in Port Phillip Bay is underway in Melbourne!!!

Well hi there Reel Time friends and customers, its been a very trying and hard start in Port Phillip Bay this snapper season, with the ocean currents bringing cooler than normal water temps to our southern waters here in Melbournes Port Phillip Bay, thus making it extremely hard to get the very big snapper that is in the port to feed daily, along with that the very good weather bringing the unfavourable north and east winds, we love to see these big westerly and heavy rain early season to get the warm fresh runoff nutrient-rich water running into Port Phillip Bay, along with the warm northerly winds than a nice westerly to stir things up, with that an accelerated ocean current, making for excellent early season snapper fishing.

Matt Cini and the Team have worked extremely hard and with that said have still managed some cracking fish for October 2018 as you can see here in our updated Photo Gallery.

However, with all that said late October, the water temp hit that magical mark and all the fish that we have been seeing are now starting to feed with vengeance, it seems that most charters are now seeing plenty of and the size of the fish is an average of 4 to 5 Kgs, providing rod buckles and screaming reels, for our Reel Time Customers, its always a great sight for both the customers and the skippers to see fish coming in, we all understand fishing has some major factors for it all to line up, Melbourne once again producing the goods for us to enjoy a sport that has the thrill that all people want to experience at least once in their life, some become addicted and make it their life, fishing is a part of life both hunting and providing fresh fish for the table as it such a great source of goodness and can be enjoyed by all.

looks Like November and December are set to explode so if you have been holding back, wait no longer take a look at our FaceBook Page and see the large numbers of snapper coming in now, if your not snapper fishing now than you never will.

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Coming soon Melbourne's Yellow Tail King Fish Charters with Matt Cini

Matt Cini and Melbourne King Fish are not too far away guys, January 1st commences yet another cracking Kingy season right here on our doorstep and Matt Cini has been fine-tuning his already skills and tackle ready to even better the already OUTSTANDING results from King Fish  Season 2018 departing Martha Cove.

As seen last year in 2018 the season started with an almighty BANG and we where booked out full by late January, we are already seeing bookings filling extremely fast and if you missed out last year I suggest getting in early I can't stress this enough, Melbourne yellow Tail King Fish is one of the toughest fighting fish we have here in Melbourne and with amazing eating quality, they do attract the attention of many excited anglers from all over the globe.

We make sure to have all the correct gear on Board our King Fish Charters Matt has fine-tuned the way he fishes and each year works out and fine tunes his skills making every year fishing for these animals just so interesting with not only bigger fish coming in each year but increasing numbers and many new locations to make your chance at catching King Fish so much more rewarding.

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Snapper Fishing Charters Martha Cove Jan to April 2018

Well even though we are in full swing of the Carrum annual snapper season in Port Phillip Bay 2018 its not long now until we head to Martha Cove on the Mornington Peninsula and start chasing the Southern Port Phillip Bay Reds, last year was a Bumper season for the boys while Matt was doing King Fish it was nothing for the boys to experience some of the best snapper fishing they had ever seen, with the luxury of not too many boats and calm seas the fish down south sure did play the game, although the fish where not your normal 4 to 6 kg models they where the most amazing eating size from 1 kg to 3 kg in huge numbers, it was lovely to keep the holiday people enjoying the peninsula with great snapper action with the school holiday and families and kids coming from everywhere to experience a bag of snapper and than even most days chasing squid and having such a variety of seafood to take home and enjoy while on holidays.

Here is a link to our Snapper Fishing Charters departing Martha Cove from Jan to April 2019 be sure to try your luck with Marco and Bruno and catch your dream snapper.

Snapper Fishing Mornington Peninsula

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Catch of the Month on Reel Time Fishing Charters.

first snapper ever caught by Mark

Catch of the month would have to go to this lucky customer Mark on guide with Matt Cini catching their first ever snapper in his very own boat was smiles all round for Mark his 2 lovely sons and his wife Daryn, we wish you many happy fishing moments in your own boat with the little things you picked up along the way.

Photo Gallery Portland - Port Phillip Bay - Westernport

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