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Snapper Season Melbourne is upon us & Port Phillip Bay is on the MENU

Well hello, all,

Here we go for yet another Snapper season in Melbourne in 2019, who would have thought it has come around so quickly with last year being such a fantastic season fishing in Melbourne and the trend to Target one million fishermen is slowly getting there, from such a long time ago I can remember it was so exciting to see a boat on the water at night time and that feeling odd being safe just because you knew there was someone even 20 k away LOL well know we have an abundance of anglers fishing at all times of the night and day, fishing is becoming very popular in Melbourne and we are blessed to have such an outstanding fishery that is monitored and adjusted accordingly, well done to all involved to make this happen, it takes a large number of people in the industry to promote and generate such a good pass time hobby that for some is becoming an obsession! 

Well back to Fishing in Melbourne Reel Time Fishing Charters is all set up and about to commence Snapper Fishing Charters departing Carrum, Patterson Lakes - October 1st to December 31 st 2019 with 4 Vessels and Expert Skippers - 3 trips per day 7 days a week, we will be on the snapper pulse to ensure you get the best chance of landing Big Red in Melbourne, we love nothing more than seeing most of our clients catch a Melbourne Snapper to share there image on social media and enjoy eating it with family and friends. 

Keep an eye out as we enter into what shat should be another cracking season in Melbourne as we hunt for Melbournes iconic fish Port Phillip Bay Snapper.

What's Biting in Port Phillip Bay in October 2019

Snapper Fishing in Melbourne

Well, its no secret when the Spring arrives and the Footy has finished Melbourne turns its eyes onto Fishing and with that said the spring air brings the crimson tide into both Port Phillip Bay and Westernport Bay, Anglers from all over set up their boats anticipating the very buzz of that screaming reels and buckled rods!!

For the fisherman, well its seems that the water temps in both bays is higher than previous years and we are seeing it in the low to mid-teens across both bays, this would indicate that Westernport would be well and truly holding some cracking snapper, as much as we love fishing very shallow when the water is cool there have been some excellent numbers of snapper taken in the deeper parts of Westernport of Hastings and Cowes, with the consistent reports coming from the top end - Corinella - Warneet - Tooradin in the shallow arms where reef is found using accurate anchoring skills and fresh bait!

It's one thing to catch Snapper in Peak Snapper season but it's another getting that first early season Red, fresh from the ocean with its high-fat content and extremely tastier flesh after all catching fish is fun eating them is just another!

Westernport can fish very different to Port Phillip Bay and using Apps such as Tides4Fishing and making sure you hit the spot where you have located fish in these times will most definitely reap the reward!

Pic displays Peak Fishing Times with Important Information to help you Catch Fish use the tools available to you and time it perfectly when water is cold bite times will be shorter and ensuring you are there at the correct time will increase your catch rate.

Tides4Fishing Snapper Fishing Melbourne

Port Phillip Bay has also seen some recent Snapper catches these fish will show up in places that are unlikely predicted at this stage as the water temperature is about 1 degree cooler ATM but very close to that 15 Mark the fish will be flooding into Port Phillip Bay and be unsettled looking and finding lots of tasty things that have popped up since they left earlier this year



Exciting new Vessels and Skippers join RTFC in 2019 

Fishing Charter Boats in Melbourne with Matt Cini

RT 1 Jeffrey 8.5 M

Jeffrey is a purpose-built fishing charter vessel, that has one thing in mind and that's fishing, Jeffrey can cater for up to 10 passengers with its full walk around fishing layout this boat is set up especially for Snapper in Port Phillip Bay, Yellow Tail King Fish in Melbourne's famous RIP.

While Jeffrey has a small wheelhouse and is more of an open Vessel it comes into its own when anchored on the fishing grounds with fishing being the main objective!

Jeffrey can be booked out for species such as Port Phillip Bay Snapper from October to December - Yellow Tail King Fish Jan to April - Portland Tuna April to July

Jeffrey is a serious fishing Charter Vessel.

 Fishing Charter Boats in Melbourne with Matt Cini

RT 2 Undercover 9 M

Undercover is a very special and versatile Vessel, Undercover can do it plus more, with its excellent fishing platform for up to 10 Passengers Undercover has an excellent seating arrangement with plenty of protection from the elements  unlike Jeffrey where it is purely Fishing Platform, Undercover has the creature comforts of a large wheelhouse and cabin and extended roof.

This vessel comes into its own when families and friends come together to have a great day out on the water it's fast, smooth and is just simply an outstanding fishing charter vessel, those who book this vessel will be impressed with the layout and comfort!

Undercover operates October to April targeting Port Phillip Bay Snapper and King George Whiting and Squid than head to the South West Coast of Victoria in search for Giant Blue Fin Tuna - School Tuna and the Mighty Glenelg River Mulloway from April to July.


Fishing Charter Boats in Melbourne with Matt Cini

RT 3 Barrel Buster 10 M

Well, we welcome to the fleet the Barrel Buster, the Largest Vessel in the fleet 10 M this Vessel is just OUTSTANDING to say the very least, it has it all, Comfort, deck space and class.

This Vessel is going to be the Vessel that you would use for corporate functions, schools, specialised fishing adventures,  this vessel is warm, heaps of open space, plenty of seating for up to 12 including skipper and deckhand.

when you want to impress your clients or anyone for that matter simply Book this Vessel it is second to none and with classy lines and TUFF build with Clayton Gallant being a renowned brand that will take on any sea!

This Vessel will be running - October to April targeting Port Phillip Bay Snapper and King George Whiting and Squid than head to the South West Coast of Victoria in search for Giant Blue Fin Tuna - School Tuna 

new fishing charter boat

RT 4 Pro Marine 7.4 M

Well, this little new addition to the fleet is going to give us some serious versatility, exactly like the Vessel that Matt Cini started his Fishing Charter journey in a 7 M Pro Marine Fishing Charter Boat that can easily be taken anywhere anytime any place! this vessel is such a convenient little boat that will be perfect for the clients who wish to grab a small group and fish in places that we may not do as a mainstream thing, Meaning if its October and you want to hire the whole boat and target Giant Squid with Marco - Snapper in Westernport Bay with Matt or Kelvin or Bruno - Westernport Whiting - Winter Whiting and Squid and even the old Famous Gummy Sharks, we can cater this vessel to do anything you like.

Some of These Charters will not be available online to book - so if your keen to do something outside the square email or contact Admin and we will make it happen!

To book online simply click the link below or call Matt Cini on 0438 302 093

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Snapper Fishing Charters in Melbourne 2019

Well, Snapper season is here and if its Snapper Fishing in Melbourne you want to learn or just simply head out for some fun with Matt and his team look no further.

The season has officially started in Melbourne both in Port Phillip Bay & Westernport Bay we can cater for everything nothing is too hard to do, from now until December 31st we will depart Carrum - Patterson Lakes in search of Snapper with 4 boats available and 4 excellent skippers we can cater for groups of up to 40  Passengers 3 times a day 7 days a week.

The Snapper fishing will be in full swing by the end of October here in Melbourne, we will move the fleet over to Martha Cove early January 2020 to commence our Snapper - Whiting - Squid Charters also the mighty Yellow Tail King Fish Charters until April, when we head to Portland to Target Tuna and Mulloway to name a few.

Snapper Fishing Charters departing Carrum is Purley Snapper as we are situated in the centre of the Snapper grounds making it hard to target anything else on the day, Martha Cove Fishing Charters starting Jan to April is nothing short of amazing with the ability to target Snapper - Whiting - Squid all in close proximity making this charter very popular on the Mornington Peninsula.

Snapper Fishing Charters Melbourne

Snapper Charters Victoria

To book online simply click the link below or call Matt Cini on 0438 302 093

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Yellow Tail King Fish Charters Melbourne with Matt Cini

If its Yellow Tail King Fish you want then that's what it will be with Melbournes King Fish Fishery becoming a very popular fishing event, Matt will target these Giants from Jan to March 2020 with every year being different who knows what will happen this year the anticipation is always there, Matt will be fine-tuning for these fish late December and be ready to fire with everything set up perfectly for Live Baiting, Jigging, Slow Trolling and plenty of other new methods that have become available this year to test try and convince these Tuff Bruts to take a bait! 

With the average fish here in Melbourne being 10 KGS and up to 20 Kgs its nothing to shy away from and when they strike its a battle between you and him and generally he wins and thats what brings you back year after year to challenge these amazing fish.

We only run one Vessel daily fr these charters and Matt Cini will be the Skipper these charters book out extremely fast if your thinking of trying your luck on the Yellow Tail King Fish in Melbourne this summer Book Now to avoid disappointment.

Melbourne King Fish 

King Fish in Melbourne

King Fish Fishing in Melbourne

King Fish Charters

Westernport Whiting Fishing Charters starting Jan 2019

Reel Time Fishing will be starting King George Whiting Fishing Charters departing Hastings Jan 2020 with our Smaller Vessel Perfect for catering for up to 8 clients, comfortably fishing for one of Melbournes tastiest and hard fighting fish.

Reel Time Fishing Charters would love nothing more than to bring back to you, the very best Whiting Fishing in Melbourne conducted from one of the very best Whiting Fishing Habitats in Australia  Westernport!

We will commence these charters Jan 1st 2020 and run 2 trips per day 7 days a week  Welcome Back King George Whiting to RTFC Matt Cini and the Team are very excited to reignite this Outstanding Fishery to you all Perfect for Families, people of all ages love nothing more than a rod in hand waiting for the fish when they strike!

Hastings Fishing Charters

Whiting in Melbourne

To book online simply click the link below or call Matt Cini on 0438 302 093

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How to Book your Snapper Fishing Charter in Port Phillip Bay 2019

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Reel Time Fishing Charters has a very good online booking system which will provide Individual Customers or Share Charters with the flexibility simplicity to jump on our fishing charters for snapper season during the peak time here in Melbourne.

Always make sure and be aware that Reel Time Fishing Charters will always choose safety over anything and when fishing for Snapper here in Melbourne it can be very lovely weather but it can also be horrid so we always give plenty of notice and advise peo[ple for there safety and better fishing conditions as annoying as that can be for us it can also be for you but when that good day comes its completely worth it ;).

We simply Cancel the Charter and you will receive an email and Text message with the amount you paid ina voucher to quickly rebook your date to go fishing if you simply can not make it a refund is applied immediately :)

When booking a Snapper Fishing Charter in this situation it is simply a matter of jumping onto our website and selecting the Book Online icon -  (Individual Charter) Simply find a date with the spots available that you require and Book it in, you will automatically receive everything you need in your email.

Booking a Snapper Fishing Trip

Share Fishing Charters Available

Booking the Boat is just as easy, we have 4 Boats available and can cater for up to 40 passengers during the months of October to April, we also can call in other Fishing Charter Vessels if we have larger groups to cater for Corporate events and Work Functions.

Booking a Day Fishing for Snapper in Melbourne

Snapper season is the busiest time for Reel Time Fishing, with our Individual charters filling extremely fast!

We also advise very clearly that you book your X-Mas Break Ups to get in early as its always a crazy rush leading up to X-Mas this will avoid missing out!

Matt and the Team look forward to seeing you this Snapper season in Port Phillip Bay 2019 departing Carrum Boat Ramp Launching way for yet another cracking Snapper Fishing Season here in Melbourne joining Matt Cini and his team doing what they love to do best!

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