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Portland Tuna Fishing Charters April 2018 Book NOW!

Well, high there customers and friends this is Matt from Reel Time Fishing Charters, here we display the some of the very fishing pictures and memories that have taken place on our Portland Tuna Fishing Charters in Portland Victoria, we started out fishing for tuna in the months of April 2018 and we where not disappointed with Tuna fishing being well should I say better than exceptional, with Barrels or AKA Giant Blue Fin Tuna and any amounts of school Blue Fin Tuna to be caught and the most exciting part was that the Tuna for most of April and May where just a stone throw away from Lowrance Rocks, only a 20 km run exactly to get to some serious Southern Blue Fin Tuna Fishing with PROPER Bait Balls that we could see big fish and tonnes of juvenile fish that where easy to catch on the troll and even better and more fun to catch on any stick baits that were thrown at them! 

The start of 2018 saw over 4 Barrels caught by the Reel Time Crew and with Matt Cini focused on getting some big fish on board it wasn't long before we had a 146, 106, 91 and 50 kg Southern Blue Fin Tuna under our belts to start the season off and with these lovely big fish captured it was time to start focusing on the huge schools of school tuna, that where traveling along the continental shelf for the rest of the Tuna Season providing great fun for most charters and customers on board with the fishing on the Shelf being crazy with the sounder blacking out with Tuna as thick as 100 meters and 8 way hookups on Tuna not uncommon.

To book your Tuna Fishing Charter please give Matt and the Team a call on 0438302093 or simply book online, take care and happy fishing Matt and the Team. 

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