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Snapper Fishing in Melbourne with Reel Time Charters October 2013

Snapper Fishing in Melbourne for 2013 has become a season never to forget with Port Phillip Bay and Westernport Bay in Victoria showing signs of some of the best Snapper catches in decades!

Well, what I just said above must speak volumes basically with Snapper season in 2013 being one of the very best I can ever remember, Port Phillip Bay has experienced one of the very best snapper seasons ever and it seems that it's not going to ease up, scientist predict that from 2013 to 2018 we will have a cracking season due to great reproduction and spawning seasons, which makes my job very easy as the very many people who use our fishing charter boats each year to come along and head out from Carrum and Patterson Lakes each day with a very very great strike rate, the Eastern Seaboard fished extremely well in 2013 and the very best baits being the humble Pilchard, the size of the fish where very good and that perfect eating size, 2 to 4 kg with the odd cracking fish of 4 to 8 kgs mixed in.

This year we where finding huge schools of snapper in Port Phillip Bay that where not only just say 20 fish in that school it was as big as 3 to 4 hundred fish per school and thousands of schools, with fisherman with the correct sounders and fish finding equipment finding them and having some really serious fishing for 2013 a snapper season that will not be forgotten to quick!

Take care and happy fishing from Matt Cini and the Reel Time Fishing Crew!

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