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Matt Cini uses and recommends Fish Candy Bait for all species in Melbourne

Welcome to Reel Time Fishing, when it comes to being successful on the water, the only thing between you and the fish is quality bait!

Fish Candy has a proven and professional approach when it comes to catching and packaging their bait. There facility to handle large volumes of fresh fish, and keep it at - 40 Degrees C ensures that you get the best product to use when you go out on your fishing adventure. 

Fish Candy is a local company based in Dandenong, their facility is home to delivering large volumes of fresh fish to the whole of Australia and Export to the world, their bait is treated equally. 

Fish Candy supply some of the biggest outlets in Melbourne, Complete Angler stores, Aussie disposals to name a few. The annual Snapper run here in Melbourne expects high demand of deliveries on time, Fish Candy delivers every time on time.

Fish Candy products range from Pilchards, SIlver Whiting, Squid, Pippi's, Garfish, Yakkas, Red Bait, Tommy Ruff, Trevally, Eel, Souries, Mussels and seasonally capture some other exiting baits. 

Reel Time Fishing Charters demands the best, so look no further than the Fish Candy brand when you buy bait for your fishing outing. 

Remember your bait is a very important piece to the puzzle don't be left out.

Here is a list of outlets that stock Fish Candy Bait Below.