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Hook'em Fishing

Hook'em Fishing is a proudly Australian owned Company who have been manufacturing their range of Marine Grade Fishing Products since 1994. Our Office and Factory is based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.  Karen and Mick run the general administration in the office, whilst Mick and Jim work with the manufacturing and development of the products.

When Matt Cini, started his Fishing charters bussiness back in 2004, we where in need of some very good qaulity products, such as Various Gaffs, Strong Nets, Outriggers with Hook'em growing at a rapid rate, we were blessed with a large variety of products to use on all our charter fleet, with the qaulity of Hook'em products always kept second to none. 

Matt Cini is now building his very own Southern Formula 19 and has aproached the finishing stages before we hit the water for more filming for our Subscription Website and Tv Show Reel Time Fishing with Matt Cini.

The items are a absolute necesity whenit comes to all types of fishing. Here are a few below, to guide you on some of the products that Matt Cini uses and recomends when it comes to Hook'em.

Gaffs used and recomended by Reel Time Fishing

Fishing gaffs

Matt Uses these gaffs for his personal boat, as they are made from a much fibreglass and cosmetically more commonly used in fibreglass boats.

With the same high-quality finish as the Cast Gaff Range, The Diamond series are double pinned and glued into thick-walled fibreglass poles for strength and durability. Heads are cast and then case hardened high tensile Stainless Steel with a hand-polished finish. Handles are wrapped and bound to ensure a high grip surface under wet and slimy conditions.

All Round Gaffs

This Gaff can be used in all Boats and is very robust, with this product it comes in all sizes from little emergancy Gaffs to the very large Gaffs we use for large species such as Giant Tuna and Marlin.

Included in this large variety is a gaff that will cover almost any situation you need from small to large and everything in between. All these gaffs have Aluminium handles with EVF foam handles to give a good grip surface.

Nets - Big King Fish - Tuna - Gummy Sharks

Landing Nets for Fishing

Gaff fishing

Daul Purpose gaff - Net

When it comes to species like Gummys Sharks - Tuna - King Fish there is exeption for good qaulity nets...

With these species especially Gummy Sharks you need a net that is not only strong but deep, you really dont want to loose your dream fish, weather that be if your releasing it to fight again anither day or taking it home for a feed.

These nets come in various sizes and meterials to suit your needs.

Need to have a net and a gaff? Maybe you should consider the Hook'em Telescopic Net and Gaff Combo line. Quickly change out to a net or gaff depending on what species you are chasing at the time. Handles are made from high grade aluminium with the hook and hoop of the net made from marine grade stainless steel. Hooks and Nets can be purchased seperatly. 

Hook'em Nets are the only net to use when handling massive Gummies!

Hook'em Rigger Arms - A must when targeting all kinds of gamefish especially TUNA

Rigger arms have become a body part to Reel Time Fishing, when targeting most game fish you will relise after just a few outings how important these products are! With rigger arms getting the lure/s in a position that is highly favoured, and also giving you more options in lure placment especially in clear water, where the bites most likely come from.

 Rigger Arms for trolling - Tuna - Marlin

Rigger Arms for trolling - Tuna - Marlin-2

Rigger Arms for trolling - Tuna - Marlin

Rigger Arms for trolling - Tuna - Marlin - 4

Hook'em Rod Holder Extensions are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and electro-polished to perfection. There are now 4 options are available,


The Hook'em 6 position adjustable up and down, 3 position sideways type is an ideal option for adaptability if you have different rod holder types on your boat. 


There is a 0 Deg suitable for verticle rod holders ideal for deep drop,  and two 30 Deg rod holders suitable to for low, medium and high drops. Both types allow for 3 rotational positions.