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Tonic Eyewear

Tonic Eyewear Matt Cini chooses Tonic as his Lens of choice when fishing, simply because of the hard work that goes in behind the scenes to make these lenses do exactly what they are meant to do, I will say it again it's the 1 percenters that make you a good fisherman having that edge above everyone else.

Squid Fishing Port Phillip Bay with Tonic Eyewear

Tonic Eyewear

In Melbourne when fishing for King Fish, King George Whiting or Squid its is Critical to be able to stay focused being able to see the bottom in depths as deep as 15m, removing Glare from the waters surface always catching a glimpse of Tuna or any surface feeding fish whether that be in Port Phillip Bay or in the Southern Ocean, this will definitely change the end result in your catch rate, it is most important to be in contact with the environment you are fishing in fact it is critical.

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Matt Cini Tonic Eyewear

Tonic Sunglasses for Reel Time Fishing Charters will help you with these Key Things.

Tonic Eyewear

Here is an excellent run down of the choices in Lenses that are available from Tonic, with brief descriptions to help you choose the correct Lens. Matt Cini is on the water most days and chooses to have a selection of Lenses for his work, with an excellent description listed here for each lens and its purpose.

Tonic Eyewear

Tonic has many different styles of frames to choose from and are available from most of your leading Fishing Tackle Outlets

Tonic Fishing Eyewear

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