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Viper Performance Products

When it comes to Stainless Steel Chandlery & Performance boating accessories, I have to say Bell Marine has most of it covered. Matt Cini has been in the industry for over 30 years and got to know Bell himself, fishing in Melbourne from the same location Matt and Bell were very in tune with everything snapper in Port Phillip Bay. 


Matt had witnessed a man that was very keen to produce products and better the way, in everything he does, with some of the most unique products, Bell Marine has now grown to a very trusted Marine manufacturer of Anchor winches, Outriggers, Rod Holders to name a few, Bell marine designs and builds Stainless steel Marine fittings for some of the leading brands in Australia with Haines Hunter being one of the leaders in the industry with quality boats.

A Word from the Managing Director - Mr. Bell Chen 

Dear Valued Dealer, 

From our humble beginnings in 1997 situated in a 2000 sq feet warehouse in Seaford Victoria, where we purchased a finished product from various manufacturers to our current wholly-owned manufacturing facility with over 16 staff plus a brand new warehouse/distribution facility in Carrum Downs, Victoria.                                                                                                  Today Bell Marine is one of the only handful of premier stainless steel chandlery and marine accessories manufacturers that still hand-make and hand-polish all of our own products to a minor finish without the use of chemical polishing.

This year we are pleased to announce,  we have now added a free fall drum wince to our range, The new Viper S Series (patent pending) GRAVITY FEED was developed in-house by Bell Marine. After 3 years of R&D and 2 years of Field testing the Viper, Gravity Feed has now proven itself to be a serious contender in the high-performance anchoring arena. The Gravity Feed winch is designed without any additional electronics, wiring, or solenoids that can be the downfall in harsh boating environments. 

Bell Marine also has achieved IP68 certification with our submersible range of Anchor Winches which includes our own design 316 margin grade worm-drive stainless steel box, making VIPR the preferred choice to Boaties all around the World. From design finish, Bell Marine is the only winch company that manufactures our own stainless steel worm drive gearboxes in-house including all 1000W submersible electric motors which enable VIPER power up and down anchor winches to run at speeds of 50 meters per minute ensuring you get onto your GPS mark fist time, each and every time.

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary we have released our brand new Anniversary Edition VIPER Xtreme removable deck mount and side mount versions of our outriggers. Our 3 stage 16ft matte black poles are now equipped with spring-loaded s/s pins to lock them into the extended position, giving you uninterrupted fishing.

All Viper Deluxe Removable Fibreglass bait board/serving stations are now twin-skin construction enabling a high gloss gel-coat finish top and bottom which is unmatched in the marine industry. Our redesigned removable bait board legs complement the board and enable easy installation, each board and come complete with drain, house, s/s clamp, and deck fittings.

Thank you for your time and happy selling!

Managing Director  Bell Chen 

Viper S series 'Micro' 1000 ANCHOR WINCH BUNDLE

Don’t be fooled by the name "MICRO" or by its size, this is one of the World’s most powerful electric drum winches for its size and was designed to fit into bowriders, tinnies, walkarounds, and any boat with restricted anchor well space.

It still has our famous Viper 1000 submersible electric motor coupled with stainless steel marine gearbox, solid 28mmstainless steel main shaft with 3 support bearings, and comes with our iron-clad 5-year Viper warranty.

Constructed from 8mm plate 316 marine grade stainless steel (hand polished to a mirror finish) The MICRO’s drum rotates at a fall rate of 45mtrs per minute. Now with the Emergency manual release in case of power loss. Suits vessels from 4mtr right up to 8mtr.



The Viper S Series Anchor Winch has set new standards in the anchoring systems. The Viper commercial 1000W submersible electric motor and stainless-steel gearbox has made it one of the best-selling anchor winches in Australia. With a fall rate of 50 meters per minute and a retrieval rate of over 45 meters per minute, the Viper will ensure you get onto your GPS mark.

With unsuppressed Viper reliability, and more torque than a conventional drum winch, 3 support bearings on the 1 piece 28mm solid shaft, and a 90 degree welded housing bracket that closes up the gap between your drum, preventing rope jams and the need for additional guards.

With our bulletproof 5-year Viper performance warranty, you can’t go past a Viper. Our winch bundles are supplied with everything you need to install it, including a 5mm stainless steel sandwich bracket, all required stainless steel bolts/screws, and 2 faceplates depending on the dash room. All you have to add is your own cabling or our factory-made Bell Maine tinned copper wiring loom.

You won’t have to break your back pulling up your anchor and chain again! Now with emergency manual release included.



The New Viper S Series (patent pending) GRAVITY FEED was developed by Bell Marine. After 3 years of R&D and 2 years of field testing the Viper, Gravity Feed has now proven itself to be a serious contender in the high-performance anchoring arena. Our homegrown mechanical freefall gives you peace of mind, reliability, and performance not found in free spooling winches.

The all-new all-stainless steel Gravity Feed was designed without any additional electronics, wiring, or solenoids that can be the downfall in harsh boating environments. The new drop speed will ensure your anchor hits the bottom exactly where you want it when you want it.

At the touch of a switch, the Viper Gravity Feed winch controls the drop speed to ensure no over spooling (can be set to match the size of your anchor) yet giving you the ultimate speed allowing you to get on your GPS mark FIRST TIME, every time!

If you are anchoring in deep water the new Gravity Feed winch is for you – its quiet and efficient operation also conserves your battery and runs up to 4 times faster than some drum winches using our mechanical patented design.

If you require high-performance anchoring, then this is the one for you.



The Pro Series â…ˇ 1500W series anchor winch Is the most powerful in our range and is designed for commercial and large vessel installations from 8mtrs plus.

The 1500 has a huge rope capacity of up to 200mtrs of 6mm double braid or 100mtrs of 8mm triple strand rope spliced up to 10mtrs of 8mm short link chain making anchoring in deep water a breeze and is powerful enough to haul up a 37lb plough anchor all day.

 The Viper 1500/2500 is also our fastest power up/down drum winch, with a fall rate of 55mtrs per minute, includes our famous 5-year warranty. Now available in a 2500W 24V version.

If you take your boating seriously or have a commercial application, then you can’t go past the Viper Pro Series II 1500!

Take the Viper challenge today and join the thousands of satisfied customers.


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