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Viva Fishing is one of Leading Distributors of many Top End Products, You will find in most Tackle Stores with Tackle World Store's Australia Wide being one of Viva Fishing Product's. Viva fishings have far more many products than the few we clearly use and promote.

Hayabusa is one of the best Hook and Squid Jig Manufactures on the market, Entice is one of the Best Metal Jigs used all around the country!

Crucis Rods let me tell you these rods are one of the best rods I have ever used for everything such as Portland Tuna Game Rods, Port Phillip Bay Snapper, Whiting/Squid Egi, Yellow Tail King Fish both Live Baiting & Jigging their rods are exceptionally good with Matt Cini assisting in the new Port Phillip Bay Crucis Port Phillip Bay Snapper Rod.

Reel Time Fishing Charters prides itself on giving you the Best Fishing Gear for you Fishing Charter Experience!

Enjoy this Short Video Testing out the Crucis Range of Jigging Rods in Victoria's Port Phillip Bay Smashing the Yellow Tail King Fish in the RIP in Southern Port Phillip Bay 



Reel Time Fishing Charters Prides itself on using the best Fishing Tackle Money can buy, When it come's to Terminal Tackle Hayabusa play a massive part in our Tackle Box. Hooks not only have to be strong and sharp out of the packet but must maintain their point after many fish caught, With Port Phillip Bay Snapper having such strong jaws and crushing cheap nasty hooks with ease this turn affecting our strike rate which Reel Time takes very seriously especially on hard days! Hayabusa deliver to Reel Time Fishing Charters a strong durable hook that will go the distance at an affordable price with Tackle World being my local Tackle shop I have everything at arms reach! 

Hayabusa's range of Terminal Tackle is endless next time you're either on one of our Fishing Charters or in Tackle Store take a close look at their Products I highly recommend them!

Hayabusa not only makes an excellent Port Phillip Bay Snapper Hook but in fact, make some of the best Yellow Tail King Fish Live Baiting Hooks or Tuna Hooks Sharp Small and Strong with a never fail guarantee when you're fighting that fish of a lifetime. For those of you who have been lucky enough to capture Melbourne's King Fish onboard Reel Time no exactly what I mean.

Hayabusa makes hooks for everything from your local Garfish Population to like I said the Massive Portland Tuna and Melbourne's Yellow Tail King Fish there is no hook they don't make.

Here is a glimpse of some of Hayabusa's range of Squid Jig's Reel Time Fishing Charters is one of Melbourne's best Squid Fisherman and finding and using the correct Squid Jigs is no easy task, Hayabusa have a such a large range of Squid Jigs Available in every colour and size. Displayed above is exactly what is available for use free of charge on all our fishing charters so no need to bring your own but you may if you like ! We run mainly size 3 for most of our Squid Fishing Charters, However when targeting much larger Squid in area's such as Flinders, Portsea and Queenscliff we like to use up to 4.5 Size Squid Jigs in various weights what ever your chasing Hayabusa have you covered.

Viva Fishing's Range of jigs is endless and there is nothing better once you have pinpointed the correct product that works for you a fisherman's tackle box when targeting Melbourne's Yellow Tail King Fish is not compleat with out these product's.

Reel Time Fishing Charter's Range of Viva Fishing's Metal Jig's ranges from 100g used offshore to target small to medium Yellow Tail King Fish with 150 to 250 used in the deeper areas with more current eg Port Phillip Bay Heads or the western Entrance in Western Port Bay!

You can NEVER have enough toy's like a kid in a lolly shop Matt Cini always has his ammunition ready at hand and when something is or isn't working he can change it up or simply increase his chances of hooking Fish day after day!

Viva Fishing Tackle's range of top quality Jigs, Hooks, Basically everything Reel Time Fishing Charters require's to Target Victoria's Toughest Fighting Fish here in Port Phillip Bay 

Crucis Range of Fishing Rods is all you will see on Matt Cini's Reel Time Fishing Charters Vessels, from Port Phillip Bay Squid, Snapper, King George Whiting and Yellow Tail King Fish these rods are TOP SHELF Products made from the Best Materials with such thought put into each and every blank. Crucis Rods are Light, Strong and Designed perfectly for the Fisherman. With Matt Cini's input, this makes these fishing Rods even more perfect for my application as if there is something I don't like Crucis will modify them for me! Their new range of Game Fishing Rods have just hit the Market and i can not wait to see them on our Vessel's (Watch this Space).


Crucis Elite Empire 3 to 5 P has proved itself in 2016 with catching hundred's of Yellow Tail King Fish Jigging and Live Baiting right here in Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay making every fish count stopping them dead in their tracks, Getting the fish in the boat before it make's it's way to the reef! its a brute stopper.....Melbourne's King Fish Fishery is no easy task it does or die every part of your gear is critical all the above product's combined with the correct Knots will see you 1 step closer to landing your dream fish!

Reel Time Fishing Charter's has the compleat range of Crucis Rods fitted with Shimano Reels for all Species the best way to find out exactly what Matt Cini uses is to go to your local tackle world store and simply say I want the snapper rod or Gummy Rod that Matt Cini from Reel Time Fishing Charters uses. There range is huge but I  have hand picked a selected range to suit perfectly Victoria and Melbourne's Fishing Species! (Game Rods Coming soon Watch this space!)

Crucis Whiting Outfit what an amazing stick (AEGIS7023)

Crucis (EGIINK 832H) Squid Outfit once again well priced and Perfect for the job!


All Products of Viva Fishing Australia!

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