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About Us: Matt Cini & Reel Time Fishing Charters

Welcome to Reel Time Fishing Charters, where passion meets expertise in the exciting world of fishing. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the commercial fishing charter sector. Our founder, Matt Cini, is a renowned fishing expert and celebrity, whose knowledge and skills have made Reel Time Fishing Charters a leader in the industry.

Our Journey Through the Years

Reel Time Fishing Charters started as a part-time venture in 2004, driven by Matt Cini's unwavering passion for fishing. With a strong desire to share his expertise and provide unforgettable experiences, Matt embarked on a mission to create a platform where fishing enthusiasts could indulge their love for the sport. Word quickly spread about Matt's success as a recreational fisherman, and the demand for his charters grew rapidly.

The Early Days: Building a Reputation

During the early years, Reel Time Fishing Charters focused on Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay, targeting species like Snapper, King George Whiting, and Squid. Matt's expertise in Port Phillip Bay Snapper fishing, honed over 30 years, earned him a well-deserved reputation as a fishing guru. His uncanny ability to locate and catch the most sought-after species attracted attention from fishing publications, TV shows, and radio programs.

Expanding Horizons: Westernport, Portland, and Beyond

As the business flourished, Reel Time Fishing Charters expanded its operations to include Westernport Bay's Gummy Sharks and the Southern Ocean of Portland, renowned for its Blue Fin Tuna. Seasonally running two vessels, we offer thrilling fishing adventures in multiple locations, ensuring our clients have the opportunity to experience the best that Victoria has to offer.

A Commitment to Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

At Reel Time Fishing Charters, we prioritize delivering excellence in everything we do. Our team of carefully selected experts shares Matt Cini's passion for fishing and provides a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for our customers. From guiding our clients to the best fishing spots to teaching them valuable techniques, we strive to create memorable experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Our Future Vision

As we enter the next phase of our journey, we are committed to streamlining our operations and focusing on quality rather than quantity. We are considering a downsizing strategy that will allow us to provide a more personalized and exclusive experience for our customers. By maintaining a hand-picked team of skilled professionals, we can ensure that every fishing trip exceeds expectations.

Additionally, we are excited about the prospects of expanding our online presence. We envision launching an e-commerce shop where fishing enthusiasts can access quality products endorsed by Matt Cini himself. This expansion will not only enable us to reach a wider audience but also provide valuable educational content through our TV programs and website.

Join us on this exciting fishing adventure and discover why Reel Time Fishing Charters is the preferred choice for anglers seeking exceptional experiences on Victoria's bountiful waters.