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Learn to Fish! Personal Guiding with Matt Cini

Fishing Mastery Package:   

Unlock the Secrets of Catching Snapper, Tuna, King Fish, Whiting, Squid, and more in Port Phillip Bay, Westernport Bay, and Portland.   

Specialized Techniques for Pursuing Melbourne's Iconic Species - From Snapper to Whiting and Everything In Between!   

Optimizing Your Boat Setup for Success   

Locating Hotspots and Feeding Grounds   

Baiting Up and Landing Fish with Precision

Course Availability:

Available Throughout the Year! Limited Spots, Book Now!

All bookings are to be made directly through emailing Matt Cini at Matthew.j.cini@hotmail.comProvide a full comprehensive rundown of your vessel, your preferred species, and location with detailed information on what you would like to learn on your day fishing with Matt Cini in your very own boat.   

Exclusive Insights from Matt Cini:

"Fish Smarter, Not Harder!"

What Your Guiding Includes:

What to Bring Along:      

How to Book Your Fishing Guide with Matt Cini:   

Email to organize your personalized guided fishing trip. A Victorian Fishing Licence is compulsory, as per Victorian Government regulations.   

What Our Clients Say:

Matt Cini: Hi Matt, I was on your tuition charter and was quizzing you on setting up my sounder amongst other things. I have taken your advice and it has transformed my sounder into the most valuable piece of gear on my boat. Beforehand, I was getting a few light ticks here and there on the screen which would always leave you pessimistic. Now I am seeing nice big clear arches almost like it is in simulator mode. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this advice as unbiased advice is not really available anywhere else. I can now find fish 100% of the time and had my best fishing day of my life yesterday after anchoring. Thanks again Geoff.

Matt Cini: Hey Matt, What a great day. Thanks. The tuition was worth every dollar I spent, you taught me many techniques that I will now use and hope that I can catch fish as good as we did that day. I’m going to spend more time finding fish rather than “joining the other boats.” I had a crack Saturday and used the Snapper Snack, tried sounding up snapper but seem to have a bit of trouble anchoring over the mark. More practice, can’t wait to have another go. Who knows I’ll probably see you on the water soon, seems we’ve been running into each other since Tuesday, Nautek and then Launching Way tackle shop Carrum. Regards, George

Matt Cini: Hi Matt, Thanks for yesterday, I greatly enjoyed listening to your wise words about whiting fishing and can't wait to put the theory into practice. Thanks again for a great day and I look forward to seeing you out on the water.

Matt Cini: Hi Matt, Just wanted to say what a great time I had on the snapper tuition session today with Matt and sidekick Mitch. It’s actually great not to skipper your own boat and concentrate on the fishing. On top of that, we all bagged out and I found out that a couple of us shared the same birthday! However, the proof of the pudding was the look on the crowd at the boat ramp when we stepped off with our bags of reds. Like some of your other clients that wrote in earlier, I seemed to have misplaced my factsheet in the excitement when I stepped off the boat, and I was wondering if one could be emailed to me. Also wondering if Matt could post the photo up of the “bagged out” tuition crew from today. I know you guys are absolutely flat out at the moment, so no rush. Will definitely look into doing this again and thanks again Matt (and young Mitch, who I forgot to thank) for looking after us. “I’m having fish tonight!”

Matt Cini: Thanks again Matt, saying you're a freak at your job is an understatement. Must recommend to all fishes, pay the money and do a tuition with this bloke; he is a gun. Thanks again.

Matt Cini: Thanks for a great day on Wednesday doing the Snapper clinic. I had a fantastic day and learned heaps. I went out the next day off Black Rock. Found some fish using the sounder and caught a couple of nice Port Phillip Bay Snapper. Kind regards, Nick

Matt Cini: Thanks heaps for today Matt and Mitch, Had a great day and picked up a lot, now we are just keen to get out and put it into practice. Kinda lost or forget my info sheet, was wondering if you would be able to email me another copy, or I can wait and chase it up off the boys just thought you might have it on file. Thanks again for a great, informative session.

Matt Cini: Hi, We had a great time yesterday, and learned a lot. Can you let me know when the tuition charter dates for Western Port are available?

Matt Cini: G'day Matt, We did a tuition charter with you in October just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again. We went from 1s and 2s to double figures every trip, and I owe it all to you. I now tell everyone no matter what level you're at a lot can be learned on one of your days so thanks again.

Matt Cini: Hi, Matt, I would like to thank you for your excellent Port Phillip Bay Snapper tuition course; the first time I went out after the course I sounded for snapper, found them and caught one. On the day we were talking about a whiting tuition day, have you come up with anything yet? Thanks again.

Matt Cini: Hiya Matt & Mel, Just a quick note to let you know that I had a great time on the Port Phillip Bay Snapper Tuition Charter last Wednesday. The main thing I learned was that I was previously doing everything perfectly right up until I actually launched my boat. Everything after that was a disaster. Thanks Matt for all you taught me. I'm positive now I'll bring in Snapper this season. Looking forward to booking a Gummy tuition charter for the New Year which I'll do in the coming weeks. Cheers guys.

Matt Cini: Morning, We had a great day on the water last Thursday; it was informative and beneficial to learn the factors we will be paying more attention to.

Matt Cini: Hi, I had a fabulous tuition charter last week. I reckon you guys could charge double per head and still fill each trip - seriously, most of the guys on my trip had $40k+ tied up in boats to catch small flatty... we all gained a lot more value than we paid for. I'm looking forward to my best season ever! I'm planning to book on one of your whiting tuition trips when they come around too.

Matt Cini: Hi, A massive thanks to Matt for our tuition charter yesterday, we all found it very useful.

Matt Cini: We loved the tuition charter and are feeling very hopeful for the coming season. The notes that Matt had prepared were great, and I'm sure that we will refer back to them during the season.

Matt Cini: Thanks for the informative session. I think I learned a lot. Now to put it into practice. A shame we couldn't

 find any fish willing to play the game.

Matt Cini: Thank you for a very informative time yesterday. It's inspiring to receive and be taught new methods because so many times we think we know it all. Once again thank you and look forward to seeing you out on the water. Best regards to you both.

Matt Cini: Matt, thanks for the informative tuition session this morning. I found it very useful and the knowledge that you passed onto everyone should mean we all bag out this season. Can't wait to put some of that knowledge into practice and spend more time on the water. Matt thanks again.

Matt Cini: Dear Matt, Thanks again for the training charter this morning, learned a lot.

Matt Cini: Hi, Had our charter on Saturday - was great fun. Many thanks :-)

Matt Cini: Hi Matt, First of all thank you for a great day out on Friday, I learnt heaps with all the info that you provided us; unfortunately, we only caught one fish (even though we sounded heaps. How did you go the morning after?) I went out the next morning but like usual I caught nothing, I suppose my time will come. I still have to get used to my Lowrance HDS5; I need to get out on the water by myself to learn. Thanks again for Friday, and I will see you in November when I am on a charter with you.

Matt Cini: Hello Matt, Thanks for the Tuition on Friday - we learned a lot, and while we didn't get any fish on Sat morning (we saw you out and about) we did sound up what we were pretty sure was fish and did all the right things so we are much more confident that we are on the right track at least. Thanks again, and we will see you on the 15th for our morning charter with you.

Matt Cini: Thank you, Matt, for giving me a lesson on Saturday. I just hope what you told me sinks in. A fan Garry.

Matt Cini: G’day Matt, Just must tell you again that the charter you took us out on was sensational. We all got heaps out of it. It was especially cool to run through the theory of how to target Port Phillip Bay Snapper, then two hours later it was all 100% proved, and we were busy landing fish. Gotta love it!!! Thanks again Matt... still getting through the yummy Snapper!!

Matt Cini: Thanks for an awesome trip today Matt and Matt. We learned a lot, now to put it into practice! Highly recommended charter for anyone needing a little help with their fishing.